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…offers a practical solution for all your ecommerce woes. In simple words, it is a multi vendor shopping cart software used to set up efficient online marketplaces. Also known as multi vendor shopping carts, these online marketplaces are single online platforms, where a large number of retailers from totally different backgrounds can gather and sell their products individually.

Ps: The online multi vendor marketplaces developed using this highly efficient software are always fast, easy to use and secured.

This multi vendor ecommerce software offers a swift option to online vendors to add/edit/delete their products in any whichever way they want. In a multi vendor marketplace environment, every retailer will have his/ her own front end store with all the products listed, as well as easily manageable and feature rich back ends. In the front end, the main/sub categories are added by the multi vendor eCommerce site administrator and the products are listed by the individual sellers/ retailers. The vendor accounts, commissions etc are managed from the admin end.

Multivendorz offers pretty much everything which any ecommerce software out there can offer, plus more. Let us take a look at 4 important aspects which make this open source multi vendor shopping cart software, a great thing to go for.

And it’s advantages are…

…many, such as:

  • Safe and convenient shipping options: Now who would want to shop from a multi vendor eCommerce platform which has pitfalls big enough to drain off their money? Well…definitely no one in his/ her right mindset! And that is why Multivendorz stand up for safe and secure shipping options. Multivendorz provides shipping options which are safe and convenient at the same time. And that means an increase in the customers’ trust towards the website.

  • Customizable Vendor profile: The vendors of this multi vendor marketplace can customize their vendor profiles by adding details such as vendor name, address, logo, contact information, vendor description, featured products, social media links, ad banners etc. This leads to the active participation of the vendors in the whole process, along with the site admins. Using these vendor profiles, retailers can connect better with their customers.

  • Responsive theme: Multivendorz offers shoppers with the prospect of shopping using any device such as PCs, laptops, tablets, smart phones etc…thereby making the whole process more comfortable. This is possible, since the responsive theme of Multivendorz multi vendor marketplace optimizes itself, according to the device.

  • Effective security features: Yes, you read it right. Multivendorz offers a wide range of features which make security seem like a piece of cake. Some of the features are: HTTPS/SSL complaint protocols, 100% PCI-DSS complaint, error notification on failed login attempts, form CAPTCHA to reduce bot spam etc.

Now, those were 4 of the most important aspects of Multivendorz multi vendor ecommerce software. In yet another post, we will take a look into many more such aspects of Multivendorz. Well…after all, the list is endless!

Perhaps you could…

…go for a multi vendor ecommerce site, completely designed and developed using Multivendorz…and take charge of the ecommerce world. To get the job done easily, just get in touch with our experts.

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