Apache Kafka Consulting & DEVELOPMENT 

What We Do – The Best Apache Development Company

An open-source messaging system called Apache Kafka is made to be incredibly quick, precise, and scalable. One of the leading Apache Kafka development firm, MercuryMinds provides businesses with dependable and comprehensive Apache Kafka solutions. To simplify database management and stay ahead of your rivals, hire our Apache Kafka developers!

As a top Apache Kafka development company, we offer affordable Apache Kafka solutions that will aid in the development of your real-time data pipelines. Our Kafka specialists have knowledge in big data platforms like Hadoop, Spark, HIVE, HBase, Kafka, PIG, and Zookeeper. Get in touch with us to talk in detail about your project!

Our Apache Kafka Development Services

Big Data Consulting

The MercuryMinds team consists of highly passionate Kafka consultants who assist small and large organizations in building real-world Big Data solutions.

Kafka API Customization

MercuryMinds‘s new API allows you to customize topic management and implement custom logic for bi-directional message transfer between your Kafka clusters and MercuryMinds. MercuryMinds and Kafka messages can be transformed programmatically with the API.

Kafka Implementation

In order to support your use case, our Big Data experts will integrate Kafka. By assisting the team, we build and deliver solutions that help you to meet your business objectives.

Apache Kafka Integration

Our developers can solve a complex and challenging data processing and streaming problem through the integration of Apache Kafka. The solutions they provide are robust, real-time, and effective.

Why MercuryMinds for Apache Kafka Development?

Our Kafka development services are used by companies around the world. Our open-source messaging system provides you with the following benefits.

Time & Material

Whenever specification and design changes occur during the course of a project, we offer Time and Material Models (T&M) to our customers.

Fixed Prize

For each project, we consider the specifications and provide a fixed quote and timeframe with well-structured project requirements and deliverables.


With our Apache Kafka services, you can scale easily across all four dimensions, i.e. event processors, consumers, connectors, and producers.

Fault Tolerance

Our Kafka cluster can handle database failures reliably and faultlessly. It is possible to handle failures with masters and databases in a Kafka cluster.

Support for High Concurrency and Multi-Tenancy

Handles up to a thousand diverse clients simultaneously—writes to and reads from Kafka simultaneously, with throttling based on client quotas.

Our Business Model

In MercuryMinds, customer satisfaction is deeply rooted. In order to meet our customers’ needs, we provide them with the best possible solution. In order to meet the business needs of our customers, we offer a variety of flexible business engagement models.

Staff Augmentation

With the help of this strategy, our clients can expand their teams in accordance with the new capabilities they need to support their goals. It offers clients control and flexibility while lowering risk in a cost-effective way. For businesses who desire to add qualified personnel to their workforce, this strategy is appropriate.


We advised our clients who wanted to enhance their in-house development resources for a specific project to employ the co-development methodology. The development cost in this strategy can be covered by both cost and equity. We establish a cooperative and welcoming environment among our professional co-developers so that we can quickly integrate into your work culture and provide results.

Hybrid Engagement Model

We can provide our clients a tailored solution using our hybrid engagement model, which gives them the freedom of a time and materials-based strategy while still imposing some constraints akin to a fixed pricing model. This engagement paradigm is appropriate for projects whose needs are anticipated to change throughout development.

Agile Contracting

It is a flexible modern paradigm with a staged approach that continuously incorporates the client throughout the project. According to this, the project is divided into a number of discrete tasks and Sprints, and when each section is finished, a review is held to determine the subsequent phase. If the customer uses agile development principles, agile contracting can be used for both short-term and long-term projects.