Life at MercuryMinds

"Our Culture. Our Brand."

Every organization boasts about its culture.

At MercuryMinds, we boast about our unique team of Mercurians as it is they who create and contribute to our organizational culture. Rules and policies are created amended to acknowledge and assist Mercurians in improving and making their professional life more comfortable. Flexible work options and work from home options are provided during the time of need to make the personal and work life balance easier.

Foundation Day

Every year we celebrate foundation day which is a 3 day event. The employee recognition program is conducted as part of the Foundation Day celebration, to recognize hard work and dedication of Mercurians. This is followed by games and contests ranging from coding contest to fun games such as Tug of war. Team outing is conducted to encourage interaction and healthy conversation among team members. These events combined with flat lattice structure helps ease communication between various teams.

Training Sessions

Mercurians are encouraged to strive higher and are allowed to pursue higher education during non working hours. This has created a good learning environment and also enhanced self confidence of Mercurians to excel in their respective field of work. Saturdays are devoted to training sessions and brain storming sessions which ensure that team members are not just on the same page but also update themselves with top notch skills.

Social responsibilty

MercuryMinds adheres to corporate social responbibility and feels responsible to return the value and benefit to the society , that has helped MercuryMinds be an organization, that it is today. It has recognized the need for education and need to encourage those who are unable to pursue education due to lack of financial assitance. Every year MercuryMinds does its best to help provide financial assistance to students, to continue their education and help build future of our Nation.