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What we do – The Best Confluent Service Provider

Confluent is the only way to truly tap into Kafka. You can focus your best people on delivering value to your business with our completely cloud-native, complete, and fully managed service that goes beyond Kafka. 

There will be no need for cluster sizing, overprovisioning, failover design, or infrastructure management. For all your data in motion needs, we have 120+ connectors, stream processing, data governance, and global availability. 

Count on our 99.99% uptime SLA in combination with automatic patching and load balancing, all with support from data in motion experts with over 1 million hours of Kafka experience. It takes just minutes to get started and you can save up to 60% on your costs. 

Confluent is worth a shot. We offer numerous pre-built connectors, real-time stream processing, enterprise-grade security and compliance tools, and more, so you can see the benefits within minutes. Why should we wait? Let’s get started now. 

Our Confluent Development Services 

Confluent Consulting 

The experts at Confluent have a track record of building effective data pipelines and creating streaming apps that can react to data-driven events. 

Development of Confluent Applications 

Using KSQL, Apache Kafka’s streaming SQL engine, our Confluent professionals have experience creating event-driven streaming applications. 

Confluent Integrations 

Utilizing the Confluent Platform, connectors and integrations can be built or verified utilizing the Confluent Verified Integration Program. 

Confluent Implementations 

Building real-time streaming data pipelines between systems or programs, or creating programs that transform or react to streams of data. 

Confluent Support & Managed Services  

Streaming applications, cloud/on-premises infrastructure, and managed services are all available around-the-clock for monitoring and upkeep. 

Confluent Professional Services 

To help you manage real-time data between corporate systems and applications, hire a Confluent specialist from our team of Confluent consultants, developers, and analysts. 

Why MercuryMinds for Confluent Kafka Development? 

Our confluent development services are used by companies around the world. Our open-source messaging system provides you with the following benefits. 

Time & Material 

Whenever specification and design changes occur during the course of a project, we offer Time and Material Models (T&M) to our customers. 

Fixed Prize 

For each project, we consider the specifications and provide a fixed quote and timeframe with well-structured project requirements and deliverables.


With our confluent Kafka services, you can scale easily across all four dimensions, i.e. event processors, consumers, connectors, and producers.

Fault Tolerance 

Our Kafka cluster can handle database failures reliably and faultlessly. It is possible to handle failures with masters and databases in a Kafka cluster. 

Support for High Concurrency and Multi-Tenancy

Handles up to a thousand diverse clients—writes to and reads from Kafka simultaneously, with throttling based on client quotes. 

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