Few more important aspects of Multivendorz

And here we are…as promised earlier, back with a list of some of the best aspects of Multivendorz- the latest online multi vendor marketplace software. For this highly efficient open source software, the list of advantages is always endless. Let us have a short peek at some of them.

Advantages of Multivendorz:

  • Vendor list: MultiVendorz multi vendor shopping cart software users are never left in the dark! That is…a complete list of vendors registered on the multi vendor marketplace, along with the products listed by each vendor are provided to the users, so as to turn their shopping experience into a hassle free one.
  • Featured products: Are you a vendor with newly launched products in your inventory? Perhaps you could list them under featured products and give them special promotion. These featured products will be displayed on the home page of the multi store ecommerce platform, where they will grab everyone’s attention.
  • Wishlist: Vendors please take note that this is the best form of promotion your products can get, in the online space. When a customer adds your products (which are unavailable at the moment)to his wishlist, it will remain there…so that he can buy it, when the product is made available once again. Also, wishlists can be shared with others…which hints at an overdose of positive promotion for your products.
  • commission management: This amazing feature will help the admin to set commission rates for each vendor, individually. This can be managed from the multi vendor marketplace admin end. Thus the ‘profit’ aspect for admins can be easily taken care of.
  • Personalized seller dashboard: The vendors are provided with a special section to manage their multi vendor store profile, products and other details.  This helps in effortless management of profile features and products.
  • And of course, vendors can display similar products as related products. This persuades the shoppers to make multiple purchases in a single go, and often leads to cross selling. Of course, what better way to market your products and increase sales?
  • Easy vendor and customer management: MultiVendorz multi vendor ecommerce portal allows admins to access and manage vendor profiles as well as customer profiles in a swift manner, thereby leading to an effective and orderly marketplace management.

Well, with all those great features around, MultiVendorz definitely seems to be one of the most happening multi vendor shopping carts around!

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