“World class IT infrastructure“

MercuryMinds inspiring digital commerce business solutions are developed in a world class secured IT infrastructure with high speed leased line network, 24/7 power backup, dedicated development servers and hardware firewalls for internet data security. Leveraging MercuryMinds’s infrastructure allows clients to partner with us to ensure data security and efficient development.

Physical Infrastructure

  • Fully equipped conference room.
  • Fully furnished employee cabins which are secure and spacious.
  • Automatic fire alarms and fire extinguishers is available in the workspace for added safety.
  • Dedicated server rooms which have access only to IT team.

Technology Infrastructure

Leased Line Connection

Dedicated High speed leased line connection and a 2 mbps broadband connection for backup.

Our network stays 24/7 active which helps us delivering our services on time to customers.

Power Backup

External power backup to provide seamless power during general power failure.
Assured 24×7 power backup to ensure business deliverables easy and on time even during power failures.

Work Area Access Restriction

Biometric access restriction to the workspace. Only authorized staff can access the workspace.
Security guards are available to restrict strangers from entering into the workspace.
Every confidential data is secured with access restriction methods to ensure safe data access.

Own devices for Project Development

All versions of iPhone, iPad, Smartphones, Tablets, Smart TV and iMac are available since we deal with Mobile Commerce and TV Commerce solutions.
Variety of devices to ensure real time verification of Mobile and TV apps/Sites during the development and test phases.
Real time testing of apps is done with respective devices to ensure client that only bug free apps and sites are delivered to them at the end.

Firewall and Dedicated Servers

All the data transferred through internet and systems are monitored by our dedicated hardware firewall.
Staffs can handle business data using their authorized systems and network.
All the third party access will be restricted by our firewall which ensures the safety of important data.
Clients can access the development data using secured access provided by our IT team.
Access to optical and USB drives are disabled in our systems present in work area.
For project and product development we maintain dedicated servers to ensure high productivity.