ECommerce Catalog Management Services

Catalog Product Data Entry

Ecommerce sites need regular product addition/deletion/updates in their online catalogs. We can take data from pdf catalogs, other online stores or from any other source provided and update your online catalogs with quality data.

  • Data Entry of Ecommerce Catalogs
  • Product Image Data Entry
  • Catalog Product Data Audit
  • Catalog Product Data Cleanup

Catalog Product Image Processing

For E-commerce businesses where the product image can make or break a sale, image processing is indispensable.Ā MercuryMindsĀ takes care of all your image processing requirements ā€“ be it enhancing the quality of your images or rectifying errors.

  • Catalog Image Editing
  • Catalog image Enhancement and Retouching
  • Catalog Image Color Correction
  • Catalog Image Masking and Compositing

Catalog Category Management

Online catalogs are difficult to navigate if not categorized properly. We are one of the best Catalog Management Service Providers that help with the seamless maintenance of your humongous Catalogā€™s product departments, categories and subcategories.

  • Catalog Categories and Subcategories Creation
  • Assigning Products in Categories and Subcategories
  • Catalog Categorization Audit and Quality Assurance
  • Catalog Category Cleanup for Deleted Products

Updating Product Catalog Data

We update existing products in the online catalog with new information, descriptions, offers and current stock, etc. Through our extensive Catalog Updation Services, your ecommerce stores will never have outdated information.

  • Catalog Product Data Updates
  • Catalog Product Image Updates
  • Catalog Product Price and Discount Updates
  • Catalog Product Status Updates

Catalog Data Cleanup

Data cleanup is critical for a successful ecommerce stores. We clean up the extra product data at regular intervals so that you can provide correct information to users. Boost your SEO activities and save your customers from getting overwhelmed!

  • Deleted Product Data Cleanup
  • Incorrect Product Data Correction
  • Product Image Cleanup
  • Deleted Product Redirections

Normalization and Standardization

Reviewing the entire catalog and standardizing all aspects of it on your ecommerce platform is often an ignored task. We offer the best user experience by ensuring that your product content is updated and standardized throughout the catalog.

  • Catalog Product Description Standardization
  • Product Image Quality Standardization
  • Catalog Product Price Standardization
  • Catalog Quality Review and Recommendations
  • Omnichannel Inventory Management

Why Choose MercuryMinds?

Ecommerce Specialists

MercuryMinds has unbeatable expertise in ecommerce development and maintenance and have worked on hundreds of ecommerce stores in the past decade.

Experienced & Skilled Team

We have a dedicated ecommerce team with experienced and skilled workforce including engineers, data entry operators, image editors, content writers, etc.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance team ensures the quality of your catalog data.

Competitive Pricing

We provide completely customized services to our client at very competitive prices, thus providing the most value for money for them.

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