Advantages of Multi Vendor Shopping Carts

Multi Vendor Shopping Cart – Hey, the name sounds familiar!

Maybe it’s not just us, but every Tom and Harry in the world of ecommerce business has heard of it too. And why wouldn’t that be so? After all, multi vendor shopping carts are among those lucky little things which continue to create a buzz even today…of course the others being FIFA world cup and constant terrorist attacks (now those are people who never learn)!

And well…coming back to the topic, let’s see what multi vendor shopping carts are and how they help online retailers with their wide range of advantages, a sneak peak on one of the most preferred names in the world of multi vendor shopping cart softwares and it’s advantages etc. Multi vendor shopping carts can be best described as online market places, where a large number of vendors from different sectors can sell their products. Mostly owned by a single site administrator, they can be utilized by various ecommerce retailers to sell their products online, under a single umbrella.

So, what on earth is special about them?

Now let’s take a look at 5 of the key advantages of multi vendor shopping carts:

  • Thinking from the point of view of a site administrator, multi vendor shopping carts can generate a good deal of income to them, as commissions from various vendors when a sale happens.

  • For online merchants, it gives an opportunity to sell their products without having to host a website of their own.

  • It gives an opportunity for retailers of different nature to gather under a single umbrella and sell their products. Thus a customer who visits the site to buy a particular product from a particular vendor might also get interested in a different vendor’s product as well. Thus the vendors end up helping each other.

  • From the vendor’s side, no technical knowledge is required, as the technical aspects will be taken care of by the site owners.

  • Retailers don’t have to pay for credit card payment terminal and SSL certificates, as this is also taken care of by the website managers.

And do we have a name to lean upon?

The answer is yes…Multivendorz! As the name suggests, Multivendorz is a multi vendor shopping cart software solution, which can be used to develop highly robust and efficient eCommerce multi vendor online shopping portals. The portals developed using this solution can host products from different vendors in a highly efficient way, so as to give birth to fast, easy and secured multi vendor virtual shopping malls.

Now let’s take a look at 5 of the most striking advantages of Multivendorz:

  • Using Multivendorz, it is possible to set up separate vendor stores based on country or city specifications. This will make the customers feel that they are shopping from a local merchant. And needless to say, the goodwill towards the vendor will increase…leading to an increase in sales.

  • The admins can manage all the vendors and their stores with ease. This is so, since most of the processes like multi currency, multi languages, region based banners, categories etc are automated. Also, a separate section is available at the admin end for all the front end features.

  • Multivendorz allows infinite number of vendors to use a single space. And yes, Multivendorz can manage things in such a way that even a large number of vendors won’t mean extra work for the store owners.

  • Separate vendor ends are facilitated, so as to help them manage all activities and aspects such as the products, shipping, payments, banners, categories, orders, invoice, admin commission rate etc easily.

  • Online payment transactions can be done securely using the HTTP, so as to provide a worry free atmosphere to both the client and the customer.

All is well, that ends well…

And now you know why we say Multivendorz is the name you should go by, if you are looking for the best ecommerce experience. To spread the charm of Multivendorz on your multi vendor shopping cart (that is, if you want to develop an online multi vendor shopping space using Multivendorz), MercuryMinds is the name you should trust!

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