MercuryMinds celebrates 6th Foundation Day

MercuryMinds Technologies celebrated its 6th Foundation day on 17th March 2013. We have successfully stepped into the 6th year with full joy. As Mercurians are well known for working smart and easily adopting to new technologies, we have proved that we are always a team of success. Our 6th Foundation day celebration started on 15-March-2013 and continued till 17-March-2013. The first day of celebration started with indoor games and fun events within our Chennai office premises. It was a great day with fun games, AdZap, special lunch and we discovered every Mercurian’s hidden talent.

On the second day, we went to a beach resort for outdoor games and for a swim in the beach. We started in Chennai office by morning 6.30AM and reached the resort by 8.00AM. The day began with fun filled travelling, breakfast and then we started playing games like volleyball, Cricket and throw ball. All our Mercurians had immersed fun and enjoyed a lot while playing the outdoor games. Afternoon again we gathered for a buffet lunch in the resort. After lunch we went out for water games like swimming pool and beach, we played up to 5.00PM over there. By evening we gathered again for a tea break and a photo session in beach. Mercurians had a very happy outing, hope you can see the joy in the photos below.

And finally, it was MercuryMinds Foundation day (17-March-2013), we were so happy to step into the 6th year of successful business. Everyone gathered in our Chennai office premises to celebrate this auspicious day with full happiness. We started the celebration by discussing on our great achievements for the year as like NASSCOM awards, NASSCOM membership, etc. Our CEO Rajaram was very happy and excited; he gave a wonderful speech about MercuryMinds successes. We had celebrated this moment by cutting a huge cake in our office. Finally, CEO had presented the awards for best employees of the year and for other major achievements. Afternoon the whole team gathered for lunch in a Multi-Cuisine restaurant near our Chennai office.

It was a fun filled celebration for all the Mercurians and we had a great time on all 3 days of celebration. We thank all our stakeholders for their hard work and their excellence in lifting MercuryMinds success YoY.

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