Our MercuryMinds website is completely revamped

MercuryMinds Technologies is so excited and proud to announce that our newly designed website goes live with its updated look & feel, easy to navigate and industry wise portfolio solutions. Our new website offers all the updated solutions and services to take your Digital commerce business to the next level.

New design with easy to use features:

Our new website is pretty easy to use, when entering the landing page users can find out what’s new in Digital commerce business and which will help them to develop their own business. In addition, we have made some changes in the portfolio section for easy browsing.



What our customers need:

Nowadays, buyers are searching products in Smartphones, social media sites and Smart TV applications. So, its must for any online shopping business to ensure their presence before your competitors does it. We understood our customer needs, and so we advanced ourself to adopt to the new technologies in Digital commerce business.

MercuryMinds Technologies introduced new line of solutions:

E-Commerce: Build a successful e-commerce business within the realm of your online store & maximize ROI. For more information click here.

Retail Commerce: Throw the papers away and manage your Retail business through online with low investment in the OPEX. For more information click here.

Mobile Commerce: Build a mobile shopping application and integrate your existing store and convert mobile users into your customers. And also, you can access your store from any smartphone, so no need to open the laptop every time. For more information click here.

Social Commerce: Build social media platforms and integrate with your existing store, convert social media users into your customers and so they can order the products through social media application. For more information click here.

TV Commerce: Build TV application and integrate your existing store to convert TV Viewers into customers. For more information click here.

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