Freshly designed MercuryMinds blog using responsive theme

Have you noticed our new MercuryMinds blog revamped using responsive theme? You can now read our blog in any of the display devices, without any hassle.

Due to rapid increase in tablet and smartphone users along with web users, we have revamped our blog, that can be viewed on any screen including: desktop, tablet and smartphone. You can now observe your desktop browser sensing and reformatting our blog as per the browser window size. So get our MercuryMinds blog updates in any of your screens.

Features of responsive theme:

Responsive theme can able to respond all of your web browsers to enhance user experience.

Smartphone and tablets users can view your website, And the website will be fit to the screen,Ā resizingĀ content images, and being ultimately flexible to the screen.

Are you still using the old theme and missing out the mobile and tablet customers? Donā€™t worry, Redesign your website with a responsive theme and get more sales from mobile and tablet users. MercuryMinds is always ready to provide a solution for your problem. Just contact us and we are happy to help you.

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