Tips on how to engage customers this Halloween

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Halloween, the most pleasantly scary and exciting holiday of the year is round the corner. If you are in retail or part of the ecommerce industry, then this is the right time to plan your holiday campaign and maximize customer engagement. The best way to do this is through social media. Letā€™s look at some of the marketing ideas for Halloween:

  1. Photo contest: Hold a Halloween photo contest for crazy and funny Halloween photos like pumpkin carvings, party themes etc. Post and promote the contest through Instagram and Facebook. Photos and graphic images are the easiest way to reach your audience during holiday season. Social media users love the concept of photo content and would naturally engage by posting images, comments and sharing photos.

  2. Spark a discussion: Call out for Halloween party ideas from your readers. Mention a theme and ask your readers how they can add a twist to the traditional Halloween with creative ideas. If your majority customer group belongs to parenting group, then invite them to share first Halloween party experiences of their kids. Such activities are intuitive and will attract Halloween party goers and organizers. Use applications like Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp to create viral conversations and groups.

  3. Launch a game: Kidsā€™ halloween contests such as simple treasure hunt games are a great way to turn your audience engrossed in the spirit of Halloween. Offer discounts as treasure hunt points to increase visitors, as well as improve sales. Hide pumpkin carvings behind logos of products you want to promote. Share photos of celebrities in Halloween outfits and Halloween wear and invite your readers to guess the actor or actress in the photo. Launch a game of quiz to test your readerā€™s knowledge on horror movies, as one thing that people enjoy during any holiday is movies and spending quality time with family.

  4. Share funny ideas for Halloween party: Share funny Halloween ideas on Twitter and encourage your readers to post their ideas.  Announce interesting prizes for those who get maximum re-tweets and favorites for their Halloween idea. Post Halloween party ideas contests on Pinterest and award your customers who have received maximum pins.

  5. Launch special Halloween offers: Launch special discounts and product combo offers to make the holiday season more memorable for your customers. Offer complementary or free Halloween kit with fake blood and scary accessories to go with Halloween theme.

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