Bobni launched successfully @ MercuryMinds, Chennai…

This year, August 15th …a day which could have been just another Independence day turned out to be a landmark affair for MercuryMinds employees. If you had guessed it right by now…yes, It was the product launch of Bobni 3d expo software, at the Chennai office of MercuryMinds.

Bobni is a 3D interactive virtual trade show and expo creation as well as management software, which took form in the creative brains of Mercurians.

The day began with all the usual preparations which would precede a product launch….from preparing slide shows to decorating the venue. By about 10 o’clock we had all the dignitaries and guests seated comfortably in our venue hall. The event was graced by the presence of two dignified guests: Mr. Venkata Ganesan, who is the Manager of Dena Bank (Tambaram branch) and Mr. Ramaiah, who has been serving as our auditor, ever since the inception of MercuryMinds.

And so began the event…

with a graceful and informative speech by our CEO, Mr. Rajaram Sankaralingam…welcoming our guests and employees to the event…culminating in the formal inauguration of the virtual expo software. After that, our Project Manager, Mr. Rajivgandhi Chakkaravarthy and the developer of Bobni 3d expo software, Mr. Jitendra Kumar enlightened us all regarding what this virtual expo software is and what it’s important features are…using a video presentation.

Now, it was the turn of our guests to clarify their doubts regarding Bobni expo management software. Mr. Venkata Ganesan and Mr. Ramaiah asked our developers few relevant questions, which they answered precisely.

And so ends the event…

with the guests and employees congratulating the team behind the successful Bobni 3D interactive virtual trade show software, and breaking for tea and snacks!

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