E-Commerce Marketing Secrets – How Social Media Techniques Can Optimize Your Business ROI

Social Media has evolved and how! In the beginning it was used as a mode of creating a personal account which one used in order to get connected to long lost friends and relatives. But over the years the Social Media have made its way from our personal life to our professional sphere. Nowadays any company worth its salt has their own account and page in Facebook, twitter and so on. Marketing executives are cashing on the popularity of social media networking with their overall e-commerce development effort.

The recent market trend is to use display ad impressions. In fact 20% of display ad impressions take place in the Social Media sites. But donā€™t think that it is a must for your company. Different business has different requirements. However you can definitely consider social media marketing approaches.

Promising Benefits of Social Media for E-Commerce Expansion:

One of the major reasons that Social Media is great for e-commerce is simply because one can make use of the ever growing social media audience with display ads, whereby the user can click on the link of the e-commerce Web site where they can make a purchase.

However as per the different researches, ensuring the sale of a product or commodity features quite low in the list of benefits of social media as a e-commerce marketing tool. Topping the list is creating brand awareness or brand image. If you look closely you will see that the image of a company goes a long way in promoting the popularity and growth of the brand. Say for example if you can properly highlight the different social responsibility activities carried out by the company in the Social Media sites, it will automatically create a positive image of the brand amongst the users of these sites.

Here are 4 e-commerce marketing techniques that will give you the desired result so that you can take your business to the next level.

1. Find out what your customers are interested in: the different social media sites starting from Facebook, twitter to LinkedIn is a great place to begin them. Here you can ask your customers what is the latest trend. Or you can find out the latest trends by asking them to take part in a survey. You can also monitor the sites to see what your customers are interested in. Make use Trackur or Social Mention to know more.

2. Monitor what the competition is doing: donā€™t forget to review your competitors rankings on a regular basis to see what are the different things that they are doing. Whether you have just created your account or are an old player who wishes to give a new looks to the already existing brand, knowledge about the competitorā€™s performance can take you places. Check out the pages of your competitor in the different social media sites in order to know more about what they are up to.

3. Offer exclusive offers through social media sites: entice and excite your customers to take part in survey. Offer exciting gifts on the completion of the survey. Make sure that it is something that is available only in your social media page. So that people visit the page and like it.

4. Donā€™t just promote and push products: Keep in mind that the social media sites are not a place that you can use only to sell products. If you do not interact with your customers on a regular basis then there is no point. Create a blog, share the link on the social media site and ask your customers to share their opinion and soon.

About the Author :

The above informative article has been edited by Kimberly Littleton a brand promoter and online marketer. Ā She loves taking the social media challenges, corporate video production, business reputation management and creating new way of marketing.

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