Why to go for a dedicated ecommerce catalog manager?

Ecommerce catalog manager…the term sounds quite familiar, right? Of course, for anyone involved in the ecommerce business…this is one word which they encounter quite often.

And that means…no need for one of those usual bookish introductions, explaining what an ecommerce catalog manager is, what his responsibilities are etc.

Let’s get straight to business…and see why ecommerce companies must inevitably hire the services of a dedicated ecommerce catalog manager:

  • Catalog management is a delicate and complicated issue, which needs to be handled very effectively. That is, there is no place for errors. So a dedicated ecommerce catalog manager is definitely the call of the day.

  • Every ecommerce company has ecommerce product catalogs, designed to boost sales conversions by providing great customer experiences. Ecommerce catalog managers can fully customize and manage such multiple product catalogs…so as to provide an addictive as well as satisfying experience to the customers. They can customize product catalogs accordingly, in the best interest of the company from time to time.

  • Recruiting such managers can come handy, especially when the ecommerce site owners are non technical people with little or no relevant knowledge.

  • Catalog managers can do beginning to end catalog management, thereby taking the hurdle off your head, leaving you enough time to tend to other aspects of your business.

  • Effective catalog management can help in boosting sales of both tangible and intangible products.

  • Through effective management of ecommerce catalogs, product information can be easily managed.

  • Dedicated managers can help market your products effectively, by sharing the catalogs across a large number of ecommerce websites.

  • They can help to map a large number of ecommerce stores to one or multiple URLs.

  • Apart from these, customizing the pricing, promotions, templates, themes etc for different stores, along with shipping and payment options are also part of the wide range of services they provide.

  • Catalog managers can customize the catalog search option to help customers search for specific categories and relevant products easily, based on their preferences.

  • They help to make the catalogues more user friendly, with impressive designs.

  • Dedicated ecommerce catalog managers  can help you to set up, maintain and frequently update your product database, with the most up to date information. This can help reduce the conversion time for your products, by providing real time information regarding the products to the customers.

  • With the help of such managers,  paper catalogs can be converted into digital formats.

  • They deal with every aspect of integrating the catalog with relevant data regarding the product…complete with image.

  • And yes, they also help to promote products through methods such as comparative category data, promotional pricing, sales deals etc.

  • Cross-linking products for cross-sell and up-sell, and also deleting information in case of discontinued products in the catalog are also part of the services they offer.

Apart from the above mentioned services, they also create metadata for site search and SEO, launch content marketing campaigns etc.

In short, some of the key things they do are: Catalog building & indexing, catalog content management, catalog image processing services, catalog conversion services, catalog updating & maintenance services, virtual back office support services, ecommerce shopping data feed services, Google product data feed services, Magento product upload services, product feed submission services, multilingual catalog processing etc.

Thus your ecommerce site can have superior presentation, with up to date information…if you hire the services of a dedicated ecommerce catalog manger.

Whether you have just one ecommerce store or multiple ones, the process of managing product catalogs can be a tiresome and troubling task. But with a dedicated ecommerce catalog manager, it can be tackled easily. Their services ultimately result in increasing the goodwill of the customers as well as that of various sellers towards an ecommerce website, thereby taking it all the way up the stairs of success, by increasing sales conversions.

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