Difference between a dedicated Magento developer and a normal PHP developer

Just let your gaze roam wide and wild over the internet… …and lo……..you will find yourself entangled in a web of ‘n’ number of blogs, articles and posts about normal PHP developers and dedicated Magento developers (And, why shouldn’t it be so? After all, PHP developers and dedicated Magento developers are among the most important races of technology professionals, in this era of internet and ecommerce).

But to be frank, there is this small thing which hurts somewhere deep inside, after reading through such internet posts. It is the clear abstinence on part of those writers and bloggers to draw a line and enlighten their readers out there, regarding the differences between a PHP developer and a dedicated Magento developer. Only such a clear demarcation will help people know whether to go for the services of a PHP developer or a dedicated Magento developer, in a particular situation. And as you might have guessed, there are many out there… (Perhaps including you) …such as HR managers, ecommerce company owners etc, looking out eagerly just for this one piece of information.

And now to the core of the post…let’s take a look at the big differences:


PHP developer

Dedicated Magento developer

  • The time duration taken for completing a work at hand.

  • Effort required to be put in after the completion of the task.
  • First of all, a PHP developer needs to invest more time working…since the process is quite complicated.

  • Secondly a PHP developer’s task is usually on a delivery basis. Because of this, their work gets over once the task is completed.

  • But the simple framework of Magento allows a dedicated Magento developer to complete the task in a short duration.

  • But a dedicated Magento developer’s work is based on business perspective. Due to this nature of his/ her job, he/ she has to continue working even after the task is completed… so that the traffic needs as well as the transaction needs of the site can be taken care of and increased.

  • Knowledge regarding payment gateways

  • Method of using payment gateways

  • A PHP developer need not have in depth knowledge of payment gateways, so as to use them effectively.

  • In normal PHP, the developer has to integrate the payment gateways, since there are no in-built modules.

  • For a dedicated Magento developer, an in depth knowledge of payment gateways is mandatory. This helps them to use payment gateways effectively.

  • In Magento, there are some in-built payment gateways. The developer just has to configure the account details.

  • Database handling
  • Coding structure
  • In normal PHP, the developers have to create their own database structures, and modify the structures based on their needs. PHP developers may not know how to handle database queries.
  • PHP developers have to develope their own codes, while working on any module.
  • In Magento, there are default table structures. The developers just have to follow those structures, which makes things easier. Also dedicated Magento developers know very well, how to handle database queries in a specialized manner, so as to avoid lagging errors.
  • Dedicated Magento developers use the pre provided coding structure in Magento.
  • Cost and expenditure
  • More cost and expenditure.
  • Less cost and expenditure.
  • Developing SEO friendly websites
  • PHP developers are into handling only static pages, where SEO takes a backseat.
  • Dedicated Magento developers can handle more specialized and very large dynamic pages, making them more SEO friendly.

PS: Here we have taken the pain to describe only five of the most important differences between a normal PHP developer and a dedicated Magento developer …while one can go on ranting about ‘n’ number of differences the whole day. We will get back to you with more differences between these two classes of developers in a future post.

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