Web Apps vs Native Apps for X-Cart/Magento E-Commerce store

One of the big question continuously asked by our customers which one (Web apps or Native apps) we want to go ahead for my E-Commerce store & Why? Our big answer is “Web apps”. Read more to find out the answers “Why”?

User Interface: If you are developing something graphic-intensive & requires device interaction, then maybe you might want to consider native. Well, your e-commerce (X-Cart/Magento) store requires user friendly version to show case your products. This is quite possible in Web apps.

Industry specific: Native apps is recommended for games, music, news and applications portal, not for E-Commerce website. Web apps is suitable for E-Commerce portal unless your portal has millions of visitors.

Easier Access: In Web apps, for users, they don’t have to download an application or any maintenance updates, but instead “call up” a URL via their mobile browser which instantly delivers the most up-to-date application to their device. The URL can then be bookmarked like a local app on their device desktop for repeat use.

I hate one more installation: Another danger of going with Native apps is more than 80% of the developed apps are unused. In cases where users just want a one-off interaction with an app, they receive immediate access without a download, while organizations capitalize on a one-time opportunity to excite their audience.

Lower Cost and Time to Market: Well you need to develop apps for device specific like iPhone, Android & Blackberry. This is more time consuming & high cost involved. In Web apps, you simply develop & deploy, reach the market quickly.

Ease of Maintenance & Instant Updates: Another headache with Native apps is maintenance and releasing updates. It has to go through the development cycle every time, very likely to drop out in the middle of the development path. In Native apps, finding the right developer/team is hard (at your budget).

Though Web apps has certain disadvantages of performance & connectivity, for your E-Commerce (X-Cart/Magento) store, it is important to reach wider audience that is possible through web apps at less cost & provide stress-free experience as an owner of the business.

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