MercuryMinds launches mobile optimized store – Kettlebells!

The importance of the Kettlebells and its unavailability in Australia paved way for the establishment of for the first time. Their immense background in the physical training added up to the quality Kettlebells they market online justifies the good response they receive from their customers.

MercuryMinds developed Android/iPhone compatible x-cart theme enabling the access of their e-shops in mobile phones. The unique design of the mobile online store by MercuryMinds with the x-cart version 4.3.1 gave our client an opportunity to reach wider audience. The m-commerce website development team of MercuryMinds rendered a mobile-friendly website that would help the end users to enjoy while they visit this site and retains their enjoyment till they leave the site!

Here we provide you the link that would take you to the list of our successful m-commerce projects,Portfolio

Here we provide you the link for the launch of the project,

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