MercuryMinds celebrates 7th Foundation Day

The name MercuryMinds tags along with it, a number of values and emotions. Working hard to bring out the best in life is definitely one of them. Mercurians truly lived up to that spirit during our 7th foundation day celebrations. For the foundation day celebrations which spanned from 14th March 2014 to 17th March 2014, each Mercurian put in his/ her best to make the event a grand success.

Sunday, the 16th of March 2014 started with a special bliss, as we geared up for the first day of the auspicious celebrations. All of us were present in our Chennai office by 10 AM. By 11 AM we kick started the day with various fun filled games which had our employees in a frenzy of fun and joy. There were five teams and each team tried it’s best to win the games, giving a whole new aura to the team spirit and smart working ability of Mercurians. During the course of events, we discovered that our friendships, unity and every other value which MercuryMinds stands for, strengthened within us. By 1 PM we split up for a special lunch in our office, which every Mercurian enjoyed to the core.

After lunch, we continued with the games till 6 PM. A whole day full of challenging games definitely calls for a refreshing break over mugs of steaming coffee, and so we did have one! After the coffee break, our employees had their bits of friendly chit chat, before dispersing and moving on to their own private worlds by 6: 30 PM.

Monday (17th March 2014) was perhaps the most special day during the past eventful business year of MercuryMinds. The preparations for the day started by 9:30 AM, and by 11 AM everybody gathered in our office for the cake cutting ceremony. After that, our CEO Mr. Rajaram gave a wonderful speech outlining the history of MercuryMinds, the challenges we had to face and tackle as a team during the journey to success, the achievements made during the previous years etc,  culminating with few important announcements. After the speech, we had a small yet interesting presentation by our esteemed managers, Mr. Kannan, Mr. Vetrivel, Mr. Harikrishnan and Mr. Vikneswararaja, espousing upon the key milestones during the journey of MercuryMinds since it’s inception. This was followed by showcasing some inspirational and thought provoking videos.

Now we moved on to the most important event of the day- distribution of awards to acknowledge the valuable contribution of our employees to the company and in turn to the society. A new award called ‘nerd of the year award’ was introduced this year. After the award distribution, the overall championship was announced based on the performance of the teams during the previous day’s games.

And finally we were taken for a scrumptious buffet lunch at one of the best restaurants in T. Nagar- Grill Box. After a lunch which filled both our tummies and minds, we moved on to get few snaps clicked.

The photo session brought out the best in some of us (hmm…really).

And by 5:30 PM, it was time to say bye. We parted ways for the day, looking forward eagerly to another day full of hard work and achievement at the office.

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