Best Shopping Cart Software for 2014

Every trend changes from time to time, and so is the case with free shopping cart software. Advanced shopping cart software like X-Cart, Magento etc has been dominating the market ever since. But with the passage of time, more advanced online shopping carts are making their entry into the market, pushing ahead of the rest. This race to reach the top of the list forces the shopping carts to compete with each other and provide the best services to their customers.  But the changing trends served a big blow to the popular carts of 2013, with more advanced shopping cart software making it to the top during 2014.

Let’s take a look at the top 3 ecommerce shopping cart software during the year 2014.

3D Cart

3D Cart is perhaps something which can be credited as the best shopping cart software for 2014. It scores well in the aspects of inventory control, security, marketing as well as help and support. 3D Cart is at it’s best when it comes to the ease of creating and managing an online store. The support system offered by 3D Cart through email, ticket system, chat and phone are truly commendable. Powered by Kayako Fusion Help Desk Software (World’s leading live chat and helpdesk software), it’s help desk is far better than those of it’s competitors.  It also scores an edge over it’s competitors, when the aspects of superior features and tools like  ‘Group Deals’ and ‘Too Low To Advertise’ are taken into consideration. Reasonably priced plans and conveniently placed sign up bars are also added advantages which users can enjoy with 3d Cart. Just like in the case of other shopping carts, you will be guided through the rest of the process by a ‘Start Wizard’ as soon as you sign up. It is also an extremely versatile shopping cart, due to it’s compatibility with a wide number of devices (Now that means freedom from the constraints of geographical barrier, while managing your ecommerce website). Other great features which the shopping cart claims are:

  • A wide selection of the best templates ever created.
  • A well presented control panel.
  • A dashboard which presents useful information with the help of graphs.
  • A simple and easy to use interface.

The reasons for 3D Cart being the best shopping cart software for 2014 doesn’t end there. An endless number of positive features like good social media integration level, more owner control over each individual ecommerce website etc also add value and credibility to 3D Cart as the best ecommerce shopping cart of the year.


CS-Cart is our second runner up for the year among the list of the best ecommerce software. Even though CS-Cart is a tad bit inferior when compared with 3D Cart, it is an open source online shopping cart used by more than 30,000 stores. And this high popularity is rightly justified by it’s many advantages and superior features. It’s customization potential and unlimited SKU capacity, along with the fact that it’s ultimate version is freely available to download makes it the hot favorite of online retailers. Any size retailer can make use of it’s vast potentials like one-page checkout, modern and convenient user interface, inexhaustible product filters, mobile integration facility, integration with 70+ safe and secure payment gateways etc and get the best out of his/ her ecommerce website.  Apart from that, it also supports soft goods and requires no programming experience from the side of the online retailer to setup a well performing online shopping site. Their featured product lists, discount coupons and customer loyalty rewards programs are also worth mentioning. CS-Cart also offers high quality design customization options and superior functionality. Other noteworthy features of CS-Cart are:

  • It supports bulk uploading of categories, products and images.
  • It supports localization and adapts accordingly.
  • It is SEO friendly.
  • Superior design and layout options, marketing & promotional tools, security options etc, among others.


When it comes to BigCommerce, it’s a relatively new ecommerce platform. But it comes in the third position in the list of the best ecommerce solutions for 2014, owing to it’s commitment towards blending the best functionality and positive user experience. It supports online retailers in a big way by facilitating the sale of anything from physical products to events and services. It has got an amazing array of great features and so is more suitable for large and medium sized online stores. It has ended up as the hot favorite of shopping cart software developers and online retailers alike, due to it’s many advantages. Features like optimum pricing, highly efficient inventory management facility, unlimited bandwidth for all plans, integration with 60+ payment gateways, wish list feature, smooth design process, high level of control which the online retailer has over the SEO etc sets BigCommerce ahead of others in it’s genre. In short, it offers one of the best ecommerce platform experiences to online shops.

Shopping cart development

There are also a number of other popular shopping carts around, like X-Cart (comes under the umbrella name of Qualiteam Software Limited based in Russia) and Magento among others. The presence and popularity of such a large number of shopping cart software calls for the services of good quality shopping cart development firms. Shopping cart customization is a skill which is highly in demand in the current scenario, and qualified shopping cart developers find themselves in a world full of high paying jobs. And so we find various custom shopping cart development firms vying for the best piece of the pie, leaving clients in a whirlpool of dilemma and confusion as to which one to go for. Since the entire aspect of shopping these days is being controlled by shopping cart software, it is very important to go for the best custom shopping cart development company. If you feel the same, just log on to to get the best out of your ecommerce website.

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