MercuryMinds Celebrates 5th Foundation Day

MercuryMinds stepped into its fifth year on 17th March, 2012 and the company celebrated a grand Foundation Day bash for three days on this occasion. The First day (Mar 16th) started with the good mix of fun with the entire organisation’s involvement & participation. Our  organizing committee spends hours toiling to get vast range of events to be conducted. Mercurians active participation on the event

The Second Day (Mar 17th) is very special in our MercuryMinds chronicle and all of them gathered at the office at 10AM, the celebration started with the speech from Mr.Rajaram, CEO of MercuryMinds for the completion of yet another successful year and verbalised the glorified achievements of the company in the last year. Addressing the mercurians, Mr.Rajaram said, “As I look at the growth over the past 4 years since our inception, I am extremely proud of what we have achieved, and even more excited about our outlook for an equally promising future.”

In his keynote address, said – Our primary focus is “Restructuring MercuryMinds as an established consultancy at enterprise level to manage & deliver large scale E-Commerce, M-Commerce & Social Commerce projects”. Also had a presentation on the future initiatives.

He introduced the new management team, the first-level and second level leaders. Also walked the whole crowd through the history of MercuryMinds. After the speech the Directors cut the cake together and shared a brunch. Outstanding employees of Mercuryminds were given awards of excellence and service by Mr.Rajaram, mentioned each employee’s contribution to the company’s growth and thanked them individually. During the celebration there were different entertaining games and sporting events. There was a concluding dinner to wrap up.

MercuryMinds Team

MercuryMinds 5th FDC was extended to third day (Mar 18th) Team Outing to Mamalla beach Resort. The trip started at 5AM. We boarded a bus booked for us. That was just the beginning of amusement. The outset 15-20 breath was calm with everybody settling in as the bus departed. Soon the noise level went high since people wanted more activity than what was happening there. We begun with moving feet and body to music.
Here is the journey in pictures

We got a warm welcome from Mamalla Resort and started with a breakfast with beach view. Continued playing some outdoor games where people became participative the moment we began to engage them and the full team was in to water having lot of fun in swimming Pool and Beach.

We walked through the pavement and reached place were our lunch was arranged and clicking snaps of others who were eating instructing everyone to pose with the smiling face.

We took the evening snacks carrying on the photo session, then reached the bus at 6.30 PM and decided to finish our dinner on the way at Dhaba. Every one was tired and took the rest while returning. We ended up in reaching Office at 9:30PM . All together it was great memorable trip so far! Everybody on the trip had a real good time and the entire team bonded well during the trip.

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