Dymo redesigned E-Commerce website goes live!

Dymo.eu, an X-Cart based e-commerce store for the most economical labeling of almost anything at work or home. Their standard tapes provides dependable self-adhesive properties in a wide range of back grounds,widths and colours. Dymo has provided quality products and service to their customers from European countries.They have received product design award for the design of their products.

For Dymo, we redesigned the website to have a more modern aesthetic to meet today’s standards, which included widening the design as well.Built on a X-Cart platform, the site features a broad range of product available for purchase online and also developed the website that works multi-lingual German, English,French and Dutch which enables them to expand their service internationally. We look forward to working with them in the future.

The site can be see here: http://dymo.eu/

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