Things to Look Before Adopting Responsive Web Design In 2014

In current scenario, responsive web design is becoming increasingly more popular as it is difficult for various businesses to hold its place without utilizing it. As the responsive web design itself implies, the name responsive means the site is being structured in a way that it responds to the screen size of the device. The responsive framework, images, content as well as structure of the site works according to the screen size of the device giving your site a similar look on any kind of device like PC, tablets, smart phones and many others.

  • One of the major reasons due to which responsive web design has become important is the Google’s recommendation. In 2012, Google itself recommended to implement responsive web design on most of the platforms so that it could be user friendly and is easy to use. Google just wanted to have one URL that could work on several platforms with the help of several HTML files. The Google search engine lets to have same URL and same HTML while easily allowing to crawl and index the website content. Also the Google’s developers as well as Webmasters actually recommend using responsive web design due to several benefits getting out of it. It would also help in consolidating the site which does not require any separate mobile URL in order to manage your site.
  • The second advantage of responsive web design is of the lesser bounce rate. As round about 28% of entire internet users accessed the internet through their phones in 2013 and almost 90% people switch over multiple screens in order to browse the internet. So, as the platform of internet access is being changed, it is necessary that the website built is through responsive web design feature. It was also observed that almost 61% of users readily came back to Google in the search of the site that can be easily read on the multiple platforms. The researchers have also predicted that at the commencement of 2015, the internet world would witness that mobile browsing is being taking over the desktop internet usage widely.

  • The responsive web design also considers that one website is nearly equal to one SEO campaign. As all link juice used is being directed towards the same domain, there are no chances of the occurrence of duplicate contents. As maintaining the same site with two themes namely- desktop friendly and mobile friendly means repetition of the contents, it leads to duplication which Google definitely hates. So having one responsive site can help in accessing same content on any device.

  • Responsive web design also offers a guaranteed return on investment to their users. Approximately, 5.1 billion users out of 6.8 billion populations worldwide possess mobile phone, which literally means that they access internet through it. Along with that there are almost 90% of all online smart phone searches which leads them to an online shopping deal or just a visit to a business website or any ecommerce portal.

Thus, responsive web designs can help you in reaching out to more people ultimately increasing the conversions. So these were some of the important things to look before opting responsive web design.

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