SEO Process Information

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a proven method of increasing the number of visitors to your website. With the right methodology you stay on top of the search engine list, which means you’re on top of your consumer’s mind.

In order to rise to the top, your site must be search engine friendly. That’s where SEO Rank Report expertise comes into play. We have ways to improve your ranking in search engines and keep it there.

The process includes: selecting relevant and optimal keywords, rewriting your website’s content using those keywords, redesigning your site and building links with other sites. We also constantly monitor your site, and update key words, to guarantee the highest possible ranking.

By using SEO you are taking control of your website’s ranking on Search Engines. A top keyword position in a search engine is the best way to grow your Internet business.

According to the Georgia Institute of Technology, over 85% of prospective customers search the Internet to find information. Make sure your site shows up where the real buyers are looking. With more online visibility your business will grow by leaps and bounds.

Why Do I Need Search Engine Optimization?

SEO process optimizes your site for high search engine rakings. If you have a website, it is very important to have high ranks on search engines. If you are not highly ranked, you are not visible on search engines and you might lose a major chunk of search engine’s quality traffic. You cannot shy away from SEO, if you want to be found on search engines. SEO helps in giving your site quality traffic, as you are high ranked on search engines; quality traffic is equal to ROI.

How long does it take for SEO to give result?

It takes a month or more for SEO process to give results. There are different factors, which are responsible for giving search engine results. For example, the result depends on how often search engines crawl sites to pick up changes, update their index, and subsequently re-rank sites.

Does every page of a website require optimization?

Yes, every page of a website requires optimization. As every page of a website can be a potential landing page for website visitors. It is also not possible to predict, which page will be high-ranked for good keywords. A website is a package with all its pages, and if you want to be highly-ranked, you need to optimize each page of your website.

Why my website does not rank high on search engines?

For getting high-ranks on search engines, your site needs to be optimized to make it search engine friendly. However, you need to be continuously on your toes to keep high-ranking position of your websites. As search engines are regularly modifying their methodology and algorithms

If your site is not yet optimized, these might be the reasons why it not ranked high on search results:

Incorrect usage of the TITLE tag or no TITLE tag content
Repetitions of the same word in a page (spamming)
Missing H1 and H2 heading tag content
Missing ALT tag content in your graphic links
Lack of relevant content in the first 250 characters of each page
Less than 200 words usage per page
Very few pages on your website
Lack of other websites link
Automatic submission of websites, it is always better to do manual submission to various search engines.

What factors are responsible for a website’s ranking?

The following factors are responsible for a website’s ranking:

Content relevant good keywords
Number of your competitors and their SEO process
Continuous SEO process
Link Popularity

Tweaking of website for improving SEO process
Regular monitoring of ranking and working on to improve rankings

Can SEO guarantee Number # 1 position?

SEO Rank Report guarantees high-ranking position on search engines. No SEO company can guarantee number # 1 position. Several factors are responsible for your site’s rank, like the search engine algorithms that keep changing, competitors, and new competitors being added everyday to the search engine.

However, a proficient SEO process can give high ranks on search engines and that results in driving quality traffic to a website. The search will go through a list of websites before making any decision.



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