Promote your Online shopping business through Facebook

In present days social media plays a huge role in global market. People can be easily attracted through social networks and every online shopping businesses has started using social medias like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many others. But Facebook is very popular among the other social media networks for online retailers to get more sales online. People consider Facebook as a fun filled social space where people can chat with friends, browse daily status, updates and check out photos and videos.

A recent survey about Facebook says that there are 600 million people using Facebook in mobile. Every user has a minimum of 130 friends and each user spend a minimum of 14 minutes per day. Surveys also state that every day 68% of fans visit retailer pages to get updated with sales and promotions. By using Facebook retailer stores gain 20% of sales in their own business. Conversion values are 7-10% higher by using Facebook for promotion. Every month 10% of transactions increases through Facebook stores. Facebook provides unique opportunities to build your business through social medias.

Because of its wide popularity online shopping business owners are highly intended towards reaching their brand name and products to respective audiences through various options. Some of the success factors to reach consumers through Facebook are listed below:

Create your Facebook store

Creating your own online store on Facebook and list all your products for sale. Make it easy for customers by building a powerful and reliable online shopping business in Facebook. Designing a professional Facebook store can help you to promote your online shopping business in an easy way and get a chance to convert over 1000 millions of users into your customers. Promote the Facebook store using Facebook ads and attract the interested customers easily. For more details on Facebook store development, click here.

Promote & Post regularly on your Facebook page

Update your Facebook pages regularly with promotions and posts to keep it active. Provide your Facebook address on letterheads, business card, websites, retail store, advertising banners and email signatures. Can also promote your products and discounts using email newsletters. Nowadays Facebook acts as a hub for online shopping businesses and it’s very famous for social media marketing.

Encourage Comments & Replies to maintain relationship with your customers

Encourage comments and replies from Facebook users. If users respond to your posts with likes and comments about your business ( If they may even post negative comments on your business), you have to respond immediately. If you do not respond to their comments you will loss your Facebook fans very soon. So never discourage your Facebook fans willingness to engage with your page. You should share useful information with them and develop rewards system for loyal customers to encourage positive relationships.

Update Pictures and Videos

Keep updating pictures and videos regularly. Keep your fans and customers engaged with your promotions. Hints for updating pictures and videos:
1. Pictures of new stocks
2. We should build promotional pictures everyday and post at peak times
3. Go interactive with offers, contests, games and surveys with Facebook apps
4. Provide a survey link that users can easily click, ignore or share with their friends

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