Possible online shopping cart trends during the year 2014

As internet savvy people, we are very well used to the idea of shopping online. We use this facility to buy anything and everything from the simplest to the most complex items. And to assist us in our endeavors are the ever resourceful online shopping carts (XCart, Magento etc). Life would have been different and difficult without such privileges. And so much Said, it is time to look at the upcoming trends in online shopping carts which might probably happen during the year 2014.

             Shopping carts will become smartphone friendly: Taking in account the growth in the number of s
martphone users, it is high time that shopping carts became smartphone friendly.  If such a change happens, it will help buyers accessing eCommerce sites through mobiles in many ways like helping them to compare competitor prices in the later stages of shopping, among others.

         Social Networking compatibility: Shopping carts will become more compatible with social
media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Many popular shopping carts have already started considering this and have already placed such developments under construction.

           The concern of security: Security concerns are an important factor, which affects traffic to an
ecommerce site. If a shopping cart is highly secure and offers payment options which are immune to hackers, then it can garner better traffic to the site. Most probably this issue will be considered seriously and addressed by popular shopping cart developers in the coming year.

           The SEO aspect: Ecommerce sites will become more and more SEO friendly, providing high
quality content, images and videos to people. The very concept of duplicate product description will be erased from the arena of shopping carts forever. The year will also see sites using data sets, so as to provide customized offers to people.

            Same day delivery trend: Though this trend is catching up among many ecommerce sites
these days, a wide gap still exists between the question of the concept and the answer of practicality. But during 2014 many shopping carts will employ this strategy to the maximum practical level.

          Chat help: This trend will catch on during the coming year as more and more buyers
demand suggestions and help while buying things. So, shopping carts will come with the extended advantage of chat support, so as to give the buyers a real shopping experience. Additionally, site developers will also become keener on providing FAQ columns and updated blogs.

         Multiple language options: Shopping carts will also come up with multiple language options,
thereby breaking the concept of linguistic barriers. This will in turn become an imitable trend for many upcoming eCommerce sites, due to it’s ability to drive in more people.

             Personalized shopping experience: More and more shopping carts will grasp the idea of
personalized shopping experience. They will customize everything from the pricing to the design of the products, according to personal preferences of the individual buyers. Personalized product recommendations and customized gifts will be provided by many ecommerce websites. Discounts, personalized packaging, offers etc will all be part of this strategy.

For those shoppers who are not comfortable using credit cards, popular shopping carts are all set to come up with the option of paying by eChecks.

Infinite scrolling design will become popular: This will help increase conversion rates, since
shoppers dropping out in between will decrease. Such a design will help to engage the user’s curiosity and thereby forcing him/ her to browse through almost all the products a site has to offer. This will also come with the added convenience of persistent navigation bars.

Many more trends might follow, in addition to the above discussed ones.  So if you own an ecommerce site, then you should consider subscribing to an ecommerce solution provider like MercuryMinds to enhance your platform.

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