Now MercuryMinds label and name is a registered Trademark

Registering trademark is the first step to start an powerful branding for any enterprise. Currently, MercuryMinds is in the process of creating brand awareness in online shopping services and solutions industry. As a first step for branding, we have applied to register the trademark of MercuryMinds label and word under class 42 with the Government of India Trade Marks Registry.

After reviewing our documents, Trade Marks Registry approved and assigned the following registration numbers 2426722 for MercuryMinds(Label) and 2426723 for MercuryMinds(Word) respectively. With this registration, MercuryMinds has been out of the limits to promote our brand globally. It indicates that nobody else can make use of the MercuryMinds label and word officially for their business purpose without getting approval from MercuryMinds Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Now, MercuryMinds is in a process of developing a TradeMarks Policy which will be posted in MercuryMinds website shorty. Once when the Trademark Policy is live, we will notify our customers and technology partners to make use of MercuryMinds word and label in their website and documents with respect to the usage guidelines.

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