MercuryMinds takes pride for playing a vital role in launching “LifeStyleBlinds”!

The LifeStyleBlinds as the name indicates sells online stylish blinds and cherishes the two main advantages, “Quality of products at Reasonable cost” that any online shopper would ponder for while trying to buy online. The main motive of LifeStyleBlinds to approach MercuryMinds was to provide them a new x-cart design and to integrate it to their eshop with the implementation of x-cart modules that would on the whole provide easy usability of their webstore.

MercuryMinds provided them the best solution by integrating the new design to the x-cart shopping cart version 4.3.2 Gold. The development work of ours includes the implementation of our x-cart modules “Smasher and One Page Checkout“. MercuryMinds also worked on to group their collections into various categories segregated depending upon the price and also worked on the automated calculation of the discount amounts for each and every purchase of the customers made within this estore.

For more details on our x-cart modules, visit our product section by clicking here, Products.

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