MercuryMinds redefined its Vision, Mission and Values on 12/12/12

MercuryMinds is very delighted to say that, we have redefined our strategy and vision after some four and a half year of time at the most noted date 12-12-12. Recently, MercuryMinds has stepped in with a new vision and mission for the future. Vision and Mission statement, stands as the inspiring words to convey the direction of the organization. MercuryMinds has crafted a clear vision and mission statement to communicate our intentions and motivate the team to realize the common vision of the future.

We have defined Our values especially for the customers & all stakeholders to showcase the values behind us. Check out the image below to know each and every value behind MercuryMinds.

During inception of MercuryMinds, we had the vision to become a local mentor for E Commerce and M Commerce clients, which we have achieved in the recent years. Now we have redefined our vision to provide ultimate shopping experience through Web. Mobile. Social . TV, which means that we are already stepped into Social Commerce and will enter TV Commerce pretty soon.

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