MercuryMinds has revamped its support System

MercuryMinds being a company dedicated towards the cause of client satisfaction, has always come up with new ways to enhance the pleasant experience of our clients with us. And this time, we have come up with yet another great feature, of revamped support system that has been launched lately at the MercuryMinds website. The support system has a wide range of options to help you around. All the facilities of this whole new system can be accessed, once you register with us and log in with the username and password given to you.

The resourceful features available through this facility are:

Customer Voice: Voice out your opinions about our services. We really value your feedback, as it helps us to keep in sync with your needs.

Order our support: Choose from a wide range of customized options for customers of all needs and sizes.

Announcements: Get in touch with the latest news and updates from our company.

Downloads: Get your hands on all the manuals, programs and other files which can get your website up and running.

Knowledge base: Everything you need to enhance your technical knowledge- from tutorials and documents to the best articles around.

The page also features a quick navigation panel, where you can access Pre-Sales Contact Us panel,Server Status panel and Network Issues panel. The live chat online button featured on the page will help you get in touch with us and pop up your queries anytime, anywhere.

Click Here to view the revamped support system

For more information regarding the support system, just contact us and we will be more than ready to help you.

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