Its time to say Goodbye to Google Checkout and welcome Google Wallet

Google takes another big step to close Google Checkout by November 20, 2013. With this announcement they also revealed that closing of Google Checkout is due to their transition towards Google Wallet platform. Its true that Google wallet is an extraordinary payment service which enables online shoppers to use their desktops and mobile devices for online shopping.

What should merchants do now?

  • Online retailers/merchants who currently use Google Checkout for payment processing should move towards any other payment gateway system before November 20, 2013.
  • If you are a US retailer/merchant selling products or services online using Google checkout then you can go with Google Wallet and start providing an extraordinary payment option for buyers.

From retailers point of view its good to go with other payment systems to ensure latest payment gateway technologies like e-wallet and NFC payment systems to grab your customerā€™s attention.

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