Introducing Mobile Commerce solutions for online-retailers

E-commerce market is booming with increasing sale via mobiles specifically smartphones. It is predicted that atleast 41% of smartphone customers will purchase retail products through smartphones by the year 2012. Mobile Commerce is the fastest growing revenue route in Digital Commerce business. Mobile consumers have started purchasing products with their mobile devices.

Many E-Commerce owner’s are building their Mobile shopping site to target mobile customers. And this is the most effective way to market your business to smartphone customers. MercuryMinds Mobile commerce development service offers a safe and realistic way for customers to purchase products, and pay without the need of cash or traditional payment gadgets.

MercuryMinds services and solutions for Mobile Commerce:

  • Native app for your Online business: Build a native app for your business, which acts as a specific device application, this application can run directly on smartphones without the help of browsers. It can be downloaded and installed on any smartphones.

  • Web app for your online business: Build a web based application for your business, which can run through any web browsers using different frameworks. Web apps will not work offline as like native apps.

  • Hybrid app for your online business:  Build a Hybrid app for your business, which will have the characteristics of both native app and web app. The third variation of mobile app development is hybrid apps with specific advantages to fulfil the limitations of native and web apps.

Are you looking for more information on Mobile Commerce development? Please contact us, we are always happy to help you.

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