How Mobile Apps Provide a New Marketplace for Online Digital Magazines

Mobile apps for online publication:

The era of print medium is already coming to an end, with more and more developments in the field of online data sharing and smart phones. This has led old time loyalists of the print media to change sides. Digital magazines and online newspapers are being voraciously sought after by readers these days, owing to a large number of advantages they have over the traditional media. For instance, they come really cheap and has the added options for accessing embedded videos, music etc. This has forced more and more publishers to migrate to the online platform. And this boom in the demand for web and smartphone based magazines has led developers to come up with new ideas in the field of smartphone technology and develop mobile apps for digital magazines to enable the publishers to publish online easily.

The advantages of mobile apps for digital publication:

New mobile apps are being developed and launched frequently these days, so as to provide a better marketplace for online digital magazines. Many such apps offer a wide range of advantages like:

  • They help the magazines to adapt with a number of devices like their iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire and Android mobile devices.

  • Many of them provide free trial accounts to create and publish online magazines.

  • Effective options to Increase new reader subscriptions and renewals are also provided by many apps.

  • Increasing the reach of the magazine. In many cases PDF pages are converted to XML content, which is compatible with mobile, web n and e-readers.

  • Helps to generate more ad revenue.

  • Provides professional help with the marketing part.

  • Does proper analysis of web traffic, user behavior and demographics and provides support.

  • Provides secure cloud hosting.

  • Enables auto archives for the purpose of easy access by the publishers.

  • Provides resourceful control panels.

  • Enables integration with social media sites, which helps in the publicity as well as the web traffic.

With all such great advantages, the trend in mobile apps for digital magazine publication is clearly headed uphill.


With so many mobile apps facilitating digital magazine publication out there, it obviously becomes difficult to decide, which one to go for. So recently MercuryMinds Technologies Pvt. Ltd decided to foray into the field and develop one of the best mobile apps for digital magazines. DigiMagzFit, as the app is called, helps to create and publish engaging online magazines which can achieve a maximum readership. This is achieved through the tactic of worldwide distribution through all the major platforms available. The app also helps publishers to save money on printing and distribution, along with granting the publisher, the full rights to add, delete or edit everything like photos, videos, animations etc. The app also provides users with a number of other advantages like:

  • Separate high quality photo and video galleries to increase the customer engagement

  • Features which can give a small demo of the articles to unregistered users

  • The option to make the magazine available on a Monthly or yearly subscription rate

  • Cost and time effectiveness from the part of the publisher

  • Helps avoid the printing cost and reach out to the new digital generation

  • Mobile and iPhone compatibility

  • One Time investment option, with very less need for further maintenance

  • Safe transaction of subscription fee for the readers, through SSL

  • Eye-catching digital platform with native mobile apps, which will make the magazine look unique and special

Apart from these, the app also requires the readers to register themselves and pay to read the full articles, which financially gives an edge to the publishers. The admin is additionally given the option to restrict the content viewability to select customers. Various app stores are provided through which the magazines can be sold online. The customers are also given the option of social sharing and commenting on articles, which will increase the publicity and sales of the magazine. An additional ā€˜refer to a friendā€™ option is also available, using which a customer can refer a particular article to his/ her friend. All such activities will contribute in increasing the virality of the magazine. Another interesting feature of the app is the trending videos/gallery/article section, where the most popular items are specially displayed. The admin is also given a newsletter management section, which will help in the marketing process of his magazine.

Thus all these factors together make DigiMagzFit one of the best apps, which facilitate the publication of online digital magazines.

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