Great Features of the New Magento Enterprise Release

Many new and great features has been introduced by the recent release of Magento Enterprise 1.10, Magento Professional 1.10 and Community edition 1.5 . Lets have a closer look about some of the major new features below:

  • Major enhancements to the call center functionality
  • Support for newly hosted and secure payment methods with PayPal and Authorize.Net
  • Enhancements to Authorize.Net payment functionality
  • Gift Options

Order Management – Major enhancements to call center functionality and order status : The call center module provides transparent control for the administrators and front end enhancements for customers. Product configuration changes for all types of products can be done on the admin side by the call center sale representative as well as by the customer during the complete shopping process. Custom product choices and configurations can be changed directly during order creation, in the wish list and the shopping cart. Products can be moved from the wish list to the shopping cart and vice versa. The order state is the high-level status of an order. Magento provides a list of predefined order states such as New, Pending Payment, Processing, Cancelled and Complete. Magento also provides predefined order statuses like Cancelled, Complete, Decline, Suspected Fraud, Waiting and Pending. According to their unique business flows the Administrators can now manage and customize the available status of orders.

Payment Methods – Support for hosted and secure payment methods with PayPal and Authorize.Net A new payment gateway has been introduced by PayPal and Authorize.Net to allow merchants to quickly get their business online with customizable and secure payment methods. In both methods, the customers shop on the merchant’s site and complete the transaction process securely on merchant customized pages on the PayPal or website or from an integrated iFrame page. The consumer always feels as if he is on the merchant’s site throughout the checkout process.

Magento is built with these payment gateways and merchants can configure their API credentials to interact with them using the previously acquired credentials and keys from PayPal and Authorize.Net. Both systems enable merchants to customize the payment form or receipt page and support most major credit cards, debit cards, pre-paid and gift cards. Merchants should always have an SSL setup for overall management of their site and the solutions do not support partial authorization or multi-shipping checkout.

Enhancements to Authorize.Net payment functionality : Magento introduced three different features related to compliance with Authorize.Net payment functionality of debit, pre-paid and gift cards. The new functionality includes balance response transactions, partial authorization and authorization reversal.

  • Balance response. This feature allows the card balance information available to the customer and administrator, during order confirmation on the invoice, shipping and credit memos.
  • Partial authorization. The consumer are allowed to make a payment using up to five debit, pre-paid or gift cards within one order. The applicable funds are released back to the customer immediately if the transaction did not complete. Within one order ID, the customer and administrator can view multiple transaction authorizations. Flexibility to use multiple cards for payment extends to any order.
  • Authorization reversal. This feature is useful when a customer decides to cancel an order and contacts the administrator. In this case, the administrator will be able to release the amounts on hold without the required waiting period.

Gift Options : Customers and merchants can use gift options to apply dedicated messages and gift wrapping to their orders and can be applied at the system level as well as product level for all product types. Administrators can add multiple gift wrapping designs and charge customers based on their selection. Applicable taxes for gift wrapping options can also be configured. Gift wrapping information is incorporated in orders, invoices, shipments and credit memos.

Magento has become the fastest growing eCommerce platform in the world. To implement these new features of the new Magento Enterprise 1.10 to your E-commerce website please click here to contact our sales team for further information.

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