Google’s Mobile friendly badges– What it means for your ecommerce business?

Recently, Google announced its initiative to help people find mobile friendly sites that can help them browse conveniently. This means users would no longer visit a random site, but rather visit a site labeled as mobile friendly through Google’s mobile friendly badge, as it conveys site credibility. If you are one of those ecommerce store owners who hasn’t implemented mobile friendly site yet, then its time for you to consider the elephant in the room.

Reasons being:

  1. Google will soon use mobile friendly site criteria as one of the factors to rank web pages.

  2. There are over 1.2 billion people accessing sites from their mobile devices.

  3. 61% of mobile users get better opinions about brands, when they have a good mobile experience.

  4. 80% of mobile users’ purchasing decisions are influenced by the mobile channel, even though they may not use their device to complete their purchase.

  5. 57% of users say that they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site (Source: Google).

  6. 15% of all internet traffic is accounted for by Mobile traffic.

  7. 88% people agree that having a mobile device with real time information makes them more spontaneous with shopping.

  8. 30% of mobile users abandon a transaction if they find the experience is not optimized.

  9. 50% of consumers expect transactions to be easier on their mobiles, as compared to desktop PCs.

  10. Lastly, Mobile Web Adoption is growing 8 times the rate at which Web Adoption grew during the past decade.

Needless to say, if you don’t ensure that your ecommerce site is mobile friendly, then you will lose a large number of customers who shop through their mobile devices. So how can you get Google’s mobile friendly badge for your ecommerce site? Follow the below simple rules:

  • Avoid using third party software in your ecommerce site, that is uncommon and incompatible on mobile devices (For Example: Flash).

  • Ensure that the text used in your site contents is readable without zooming.

  • Content should be resized based on screen size, so that users can avoid scrolling and zooming.

  • Spacing between links should be just enough, so that the correct links can be easily tapped.

If you already have a mobile friendly ecommerce site (well, as per the generic guidelines) and want to test your site to see if it meets Google’s mobile friendly site criteria, then click here to contact our team and we will guide you further.

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