Feature comparison: An upcoming trend in ecommerce websites

Feature comparison and it’s importance:

We know that e-commerce websites have many advantages, and a large majority of us make use of it’s benefits frequently. But just like everything else, even online shopping has it’s own drawbacks.  The most notable one perhaps is the confusion that arises due to a wide range of high quality products being placed on display, side by side. In such cases, it becomes necessary to use feature comparison tools. They help people by letting them compare the features (including colours, prices, quality etc) of different products of the same genre and choose the best. Such feature comparison and price comparison tools are becoming the hottest trends these days. Many feature comparison platforms in e-commerce websites have products along with their features displayed side by side. This enables the customers to compare many products and come to a conclusion as to which one is the best to go for. The process eventually decreases the shopping cart abandonment rate of e-commerce sites, by persuading people to go for one of the displayed items.

The aspects of feature comparison:

Product comparison becomes absolutely unavoidable in the case of certain products like electronic items, which come in an extensive range of different features and aspects. Having a built in comparison tool helps site owners to drive in more traffic from customers, as well as face competition from rivals effectively. Such feature comparison tools collect all the necessary details of products (which of course includes pricing as well), and display the final information on a single page from where customers can make the comparison. The list is displayed according to the customer’s search query. The admin of the particular site is the only person who has the access to upload or make changes in the listed features. Most ecommerce sites also provide people with the option of sharing the product comparison data in social media pages, thereby bringing more people to the site through clicks on such links. Price comparison is perhaps the most important aspect of feature comparison, which lets people know about the retailer who sells a product for the cheapest price.  Also customers are allowed to rate the listed products, so that future customers can quickly compare the items which are rated high, rather than going unnecessarily through the features of each and every product. Additionally, feature comparison pages also display essential information like shipping costs and the availability of the product. Comparison Studio which is the latest and the best addition to the list of feature comparison platforms allows people to compare 3-4 products simultaneously before going for a choice. It is one of the most advanced and sought after platforms in the market due to it’s many high end features like retailer ratings, store redirection etc. Like many of it’s competitors, it also offers many interesting features like social sharing option, separate retailer log in option, price comparison module etc among others. So altogether, Comparison Studio is something which you should be going for, this time around.

Must haves of a feature comparison platform:

Some important things which every developer must keep in mind while designing feature comparison platforms are:

  • It should be print friendly

  • It should have the capacity to include all important product information

  • Provide an ‘add to cart’ bar on the page

  • Provide the users with the option to eliminate unwanted items from the list

  • Include the aspect of shipping costs

These are some of the many things which designers must keep in mind, while developing a feature comparison platform.

Feature comparison is a trend which has already caught up well with popular e-commerce sites. And in all probability, it will become popular among small and medium sized e-commerce websites as well, in the near future.

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