CurtainsandCurtains updated with numerous new features!!!

One of the MercuryMinds privileged client, an online store for home furnishings has undergone various changes to enhance user experience. one of the largest online retailers for home furnishings is now with revamped product page design, blog redesign, refined search and many more features.

MercuryMinds is now happy to say that we are the people who revamped their online store again. Within a short span of time, we have done several requested changes from the client which resulted in a smooth and wonderful online store.

What’s special with in this update:

  • Complete source code optimization to ensure faster and search engine friendly website.
  • Revamped Product page with better look and feel.
  • Access live twitter feeds from homepage.
  • Refined search function for better search results.
  • Request product sample.
  • Admin end customization.

Again, MercuryMinds came off with a beautiful online shop, We are highly excited to say that our developers are still curious, to come up with more such works in the near future.

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