Completely redesigned UniqueTracks, an online music shop with royalty free music licenses goes live!!!!

MercuryMinds has completely redesigned and set to live the X Cart based ecommerce site with loads of creative, distinct and original music tracks. You can simply pay and download royalty free background musics and sound effects for your Videos, iPhone Games, Mobile apps, film and television. is a quick and easy way to get a royalty free music license online.

What’s special with UniqueTracks because of being re-designed with MercuryMinds?

* Perfectly built search boxes in order to search a track using specific keywords for example title, artist name, contents and exact phrases.
* Customers can listen to the free sample music before they make the purchase.
* Quick jump section to view all available categories and subcategories.
* One Page Checkout for fast, easier and secured payment experience.
* Product page is re-designed to ensure better look and has links from individual tracks to the whole album.
* Other features included in UniqueTracks are download and shipping CD option, FAQ system, category tab in homepage, drop down menus in left column for easy navigation and Social bookmarking integration for each product.

MercuryMinds has big time professionals expertised in e commerce software design, development, support and maintenance. And so we can make anything for your ecommerce website and make it stand out as the best from your competitors. We have best-in-class rates for e commerce design, development, support and maintenance. Are you an owner of a shopping cart looking to increase your customer experience and search results? Just contact us and we are happy to help you.

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