10 Success Factors for an E-Commerce Website

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E-commerce is the technical term for buying and selling products or services. E-commerce site can attract the visitors if it is able to cater to the requirements of the users in a convenient manner. For sites that exist primarily to sell products, it‘s very easy to look at sales and have a measuring stick to use when evaluating the success of the website. However, there are many number of factors that can influence the success of an e-commerce site, and identifying areas of strength and weakness is not always so simple. People do site promotion, SEO, affiliate marketing, and many other things but the goal is same to get clients and sell the products or services of the company.

1. Search Engine Optimization

  • Search engines are much better at indexing static pages, and don’t do a good job of following hyperlinks that contain query strings. SEO friendly URLs help them to be indexed.
  • Ability to add HTML titles and META tags, meta description and meta keywords for search engine optimization.
  • Google sitemaps help webmasters to get their new stuff crawled by Googlebot faster than before.
  • Auto-generated keyword-rich URLs based on product and category names

2. Site Management

  • Administration permission roles and users
  • Independent Systems develops sales tax calculation by state and zip code in designated states
  • Automatic upgrades when hosted in data center
  • Entries can be posted with an expiry date to display content that will automatically expire; ideal for mentioning sales and specials, etc. Advanced content management system for informational pages

3. Marketing Promotions and Tools

  • Flexible price management with ability to restrict by product and price-level (retail, wholesale) : Percent discount, Fixed amount discount and Free shipping
  • Entries can be sorted by Recent, Most Commented, Most Viewed.
  • Multi-tier pricing for quantity discounts
  • RSS feed allow users to subscribe to your content feeds.
  • Support for multiple product feeds
  • Send to a friend

4. Shopping cart

  • Customer management
  • Product management
  • Variety of payment and shipping modules
  • Order receipt emails
  • Ability to use SSL secure layers for ordering process

5. Checkout

  • SSL security
  • Express/guest checkout
  • Address book
  • Automatically apply customer balance to order
  • Sales tax by state, country, municipality based on zip code

6. Content Managed Pages

  • Add unlimited pages to your website
  • WYSIWYG product description tools
  • Create unlimited web forms
  • Customizable navigation
  • Organize your pages into unlimited sections (categories)

7. Security

  • PCI-DSS Compliant and CISP Certified Level 1
  • Daily backups
  • Multiple database version backups
  • Fail over/cluster hardware firewalls
  • Biometric access control to data center
  • Free BSD operating system

8. Content Management (CMS) Components

  • Add/edit/delete unlimited categories, products and information pages on your site.
  • Dynamic categories
  • Easy-to-use product navigation
  • Product detail page
  • Related items
  • “Best Sellers” facility
  • WYSIWYG content tools

9. Multi store:

  • Manage more than one store for the same product, at different price, in different language, for different locations, and from same admin panel
  • To deal with different products or different brands of a certain product
  • Higher chances of giving customers what they are looking for.
  • Gives you a lot of inbound links coming from your niche sites.

10. Reporting:

  • Sophisticated ready-to-go reporting, no need to add any code to your web pages
  • Track abandon rates and where customers abandon in online shop
  • Tracking Sales, Payment, Shipping Options and discount Codes
  • Report on Detailed visitors including new vs returning
  • Products can be searched/filtered and added to the order.
  • Currency can be selected per order.

A good e-commerce provider will be able to handle all of the back-end programming that you‘ll need to start selling online. The company you select should be able to help you organize your product catalog, provide a database of shipping information, and track customer orders. Do you need an online store that you can manage yourself? We can build your e-store and give you the best solutions to manage your Online E-commerce store. Our development staff will be happy to discuss custom shopping cart development services at “sales @ mercuryminds.com” to meet your needs.

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