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What our clients have to say about our people, processes, services and solutions!

We contacted Mercury Minds to build a multi-store solution using the X-Cart platform. We wanted many features that do not currently exist and customization to several standard features as well. We were impressed with the professionalism from the initial consultation. Our project manager, Dongan, listened to our requirements, asked the right questions, and proposed a solution that will meet our current and future needs. The development team worked quickly and communicated effectively through the use of their project management portal. If a feature did not work quite right, they were open to our feedback and suggestions and made sure we were completely satisfied. I have been using X-Cart for 15 years and have contracted a number of developers during that time. My experience with Mercury Minds is among the best. The quality of their work is excellent and we are thrilled with the end product. It has been a few months since our site launched and I am already discussing my next project with them.  

Heath Benedum ,

I have been working with Dongan and his Mercury minds team for a little over a year. In that time I have found them to be dedicated, hard-working and internet savvy from an e-commerce perspective. I would definitely recommend anyone looking to establish or improve an e-commerce site that that should explore what Mercury minds have to offer. Services Offered: Maintenance

Mark Lee, 

I've used Mercury Minds on several occasions and they've never let me down. So much that I've recommended them to other people who have also come away very satisfied that the work they have done is top-notch and at a very good price. We will continue to use them and recommend them. Services Offered: Support & Maintenance

Adam Davies,

I'm very happy with the OPC mod. It looks great and is much better than the default checkout. I really like the abondon cart reporting and the mini cart on the right side. I had Mercury Mind install the mod for me. They installed the day after I purchased and communicated well thoughtout the process. After they finished I asked for a couple changes and they quickly made them. Thanks, MercuryMinds. Services Offered: Product One Page Checkout (OPC) - X-Cart module


Fantastic module! We used to manually export and upload our X-cart Newsletter Subscriber list to Mail Chimp, but after I purchased this module, I don't have to worry about that anymore and my lists stay perfectly in sync with each other. Also, the purchase info (360) that gets recorded in Mail Chimp is really helpful to us. Two thumbs up! Services Offered: Product X-Cart Mailchimp Ecommerce 360 Plugin/integration module

Matt Dennison,

Very impressed. Their whole setup is much better than other similar companies. Services Offered: Support & Maintenance


I have used altered cart's one-page checkout on another of my stores before I knew about MercuryMinds, and I can say this OPC is far better in use and look but even more important is the ability to use email addresses as usernames. I can hold off upgrading to xcart 4.4 for this store know as I have far better features in my 4.3 stores. Services Offered: Product One Page Checkout (OPC) - X-Cart module 

I have been very impressed with OPC. Mercuryminds worked with us to get the results we were looking for including some customizations to OPC specific to our website. Why should you choose this one over the others: 1. If you have an SSL certificate, this checkout is secure in firefox, explorer, and chrome...meaning your customers will get the secure symbol in their browser https URL bar. 2. Guest checkout is a popular feature, though we elected to turn ours off. 3. It works with Google chrome. 4. Email can be used as a username. 5. It looks better than other one page checkouts. 6. The developer actually supports it. Services Offered: Product One Page Checkout (OPC) - X-Cart module


This is a good must-have solution. highly recommended and reduces dropouts and checkout stage! Services Offered: Product One Page Checkout (OPC) - X-Cart module


Wonderful and new module! I wanted to build my list for campaigns outside my server(initially I knew the only Aweber). This exactly does this job with MailChimp integration. More importantly, it is in sync with MailChimp, a user deletes or unsubscribes his account and wow! - it happens in MailChimp as well as x-cart simultaneously. Well Done Mercuryminds. Also, your support team is great. Services Offered: Product X-Cart Mailchimp Ecommerce 360 Plugin/integration module this is a good must-have solution. highly recommended and reduces dropouts and checkout stage! Services Offered: Product One Page Checkout (OPC) - X-Cart module


This is one of the best mods for advanced search for cussotmers in ecommerce carts. it works very fastt too. Services Offered: Product Smasher, a smart search engine for x-cart store


This mod is both nice looking and efficient. One of the few non-custom mods we bought and one of the better ones. The icing on the cake is Mercury Minds tech support who worked beyond the call of duty to make sure the mod worked perfectly alongside our custom mods and other third-party add-ons. Highest marks to the mod and the company. Services Offered: Product One Page Checkout (OPC) - X-Cart module

Dirk/Groove Distribution, 

I actually regretted buying the one-page checkout module from Alteredcart. The latest version has not been fully tested by the developer, and the module is not working fine on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Bought this module and it works great! I'm positive that this module has been fully tested on all environments since I do not encounter any issues while testing the module myself. Just a reminder for anyone shopping for a one page checkout module for your x-cart site, checkout is a very critical process for a website, so make sure you do not rush into getting one. And I can assure you that this checkout module works better than any of the one-page checkout modules out there 🙂 Services Offered:Product One Page Checkout (OPC) - X-Cart module


Excellent mod and excellent service from the guys at Mercury Minds. They installed the 1-page checkout mod for Xcart and communicated very well throughout the process. Thanks again. Craig Services Offered: Product One Page Checkout (OPC) - X-C

Craig Turnbull,

Really helpful and fast support desk. Really happy with product and service. Thank you again. Services Offered: Product X-Cart Mailchimp Ecommerce 360 Plugin/integration module


I have been a client of MercuryMinds for 18 months now and have had a very positive experience both with their initial web designs, which included a large number of custom x-cart mods, but also with their monthly support which is always timely, accurate and productive. MercuryMinds is patient with non-programmers and they understand the mechanics of web sites, SEO, and all things Internet. I highly recommend them. John Bickerton, Creative Director Services Offered: Support & Maintenance

John Bickerton, 

I've been dealing with MercuryMinds since 3 months ago. Gave them a few projects to customize my X-Cart to allow communication with my supplier's system using SOAP feed, and some cosmetic & functional modifications. All went well, and I appreciate the team's efforts in responding to my questions and fixing bugs that I encounter in a timely matter. I will definitely recommend their service to everyone. Services Offered: Support & Maintenance


This is a great product. We had this setup for one of our clients in which a product search took up to 15 seconds (has they had around 35k products) as x-cart only performs a plain text search. The Smasher module is really fast, now the search only takes seconds. Great tech support @ Mercuryminds, they helped with both installation and tweaks that were required for the module to meet our customer's requirements. Keep up the good work! Services Offered: Product Smasher, a smart search engine for x-cart store

Shafiq Khan, 

Great mod to have on your site. Packed with features that stock x-cart search simply does not have. Excellent support too from MercuryMinds. Worth the investment for your business! Services Offered: Product Smasher, a smart search engine for x-cart store


The check-out process being the most important area of the site, this mod makes the check-out process seamless for the customer. A must-have for customer conversions nowadays. Great support from the mod developers too! Services Offered:Product One Page Checkout (OPC) - X-Cart module


Once set up works fine, although you will need to be able to set up a cron job for the automation part Services Offered: Product X-Cart Mailchimp Ecommerce 360 Plugin/integration module

Tony Pearce,

Hi Dongan, This is to make a note of appreciation for the services rendered to me by you and your team at Mercuryminds. Thank you for all the help in getting my first x-cart project up and running. Your help has been instrumental in getting my site from what it was, to what it is today. To all the x-carters, I highly recommend you guys to make use of Dongan and his team of developers and designers for your e-commerce project. These guys are proficient and efficient in their work. They know the internal workings of the x-cart software, which makes them experts in their work. They can help you to customize x-cart to any level of your requirement and liking. Be it installing x-cart, or any number of extra mods to improve your site, or adding new features to your site, they will be more than glad to do it. I am fairly new to x-cart and to this world of e-commerce, Dongan has assisted me to these nitty-gritty details at every step of the development cycle. Dongan and his team have been highly responsive in answering my questions in detail and offering solutions to problems pertaining to my site. Another important aspect to the development of my site - was my budget. Here too I found Dongan very reasonable as compared to many. I have purchased Smasher - A Smart Search Engine and One Page Checkout from the mercuryminds site. In the second phase of development, I hope to add the Mail Chimp plugin. These three modules should be on any one's list to include in their site. Seeing the manner in which my project has worked out with Dongan, I am already making plans to venture into 2 more ambitious projects - needless to say, Dongan will be my developer choice! Thanks, Dongan for your continuous support. It is a way for me to express my appreciation for you, and the teams help and effort in my project. Regards, Shehzad Services Offered: Support & Maintenance

Shehzad Shaikh, 

Mercury Minds are a highly professional team of enthusiastic and extremely talented individuals that empower your ideas and deliver on their promises. We were delighted to team up with Mercury Minds on the project. Frustratingly we had been let down by several individuals and companies prior to our introduction. We were a little nervous of using a company thousands of miles from us, but from initial contact through to the commissioning of the site the communication and level of service were beyond our expectations. More so, the advice and mentoring the team provides can only be described as exceptional and for us invaluable to the success of our client’s websites. We will continue to work with Mercury Minds on future projects and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Services Offered: Support & Maintenance

Mark Main, 

Hi MercuryMinds, First I would like to appreciate your extraordinary skill in understanding the client’s requirement; truly I have not experienced this kind of support from my earlier programmer. I can assure this character and talent alone will reach to the top. Services Offered: select

GK Sekar, Happyway Network Sales Pvt Ltd, 

Excellent service and communication. The team was willing to explore many avenues to ensure that the task was fully completed. I would certainly recommend MercuryMinds and I will be using them again for further upgrades. Services Offered: Support & Maintenance

Christine Boott, 

Thank you to MercuryMinds for setting iShopUSA on my site. iShopUSA now handles all International shipments and I don't see any foreseeable overseas chargebacks or issues with delivery anymore. Every order thus far has gone smoothly and there's been no negative feedback from customers about their service. The setup by MercuryMinds works seamlessly with my site. I couldn't be happier! Thank you Dongan & team! Services Offered: Support & Maintenance


I am very happy to found MercuryMinds. we have worked together on a number of clients and the support is wonderful. the team is fast, reliable and the support was outstanding. the work is high quality and they keep up to dat with schedule and on time. I hope to continue working with them until the future. Services Offered: Support & Maintenance

Leanee Briggs 

This is a great product and modification! First o... Services Offered: Product X-Cart Mailchimp Ecommerce 360 Plugin/integration module


Mate - it works perfectly - I'm impressed 🙂 The ... Services Offered: Product X-Cart Mailchimp Ecommerce 360 Plugin/integration module

Tye Brown,

MercuryMinds is a very reliable company to work with and ChiaraFashion is very happy with their service. The team works punctually and are knowledgable not just in programming skills but also the broader aspects of e-commerce. The company is innovative in their ideas, and are flexible and very accommodating to our needs. We are very fortunate to work with such a professional company and look forward to continuing our partnership. Services Offered: Support & Maintenance


Mercury Minds has been the perfect partner for my business. I am very impressed with the high level of professionalism. Their team is first class and really takes the time to solve my problems. I feel like I have a true partner that understands what needs to be done in order to be successful. Projects are completed quickly and their communication is excellent. The quality of work is top-notch and of high value. I strongly recommend Mercury Minds Technologies for any e-commerce needs. Services Offered: Support & Maintenance

Joel Bucci, 

Mercuryminds has provided with some good work on my website, they have talented developers that know how to solve problems and provide solutions for e-commerce. The services included migration, development and plenty of custom request of modifications that were implemented successfully, I would recommend their quality of work. Once the team started working on the project at hand it went smoothly and I was very satisfied, we then launched and all issues were taken care of relatively promptly. We have worked out all the kinks and I am relieved that this project is finally done after a successful development from MercuryMinds. The timelines were a bit slow at first, but in the end, the job was done adequately, you can't rush quality work. Services Offered: Support & Maintenance


You have my vote here...I was literally and physically pulling my hairs out by venting here in the forum. Great works. You got it done in just a heartbeat. What more can I say? OK, its time to stop complaining about the x-cart now. Thanks again. Services Offered: Support & Maintenance

Pamela C, 

MercuryMinds Technologies completed a major redesign of my X-Cart install. Aside from making the entire template purely CSS based (no tables) they also made sure that all pages were valid XHTML. They are a very competent X-Cart designer/programmer and I have no hesitation in recommending their services. Services Offered: Support & Maintenance

Gavin Armstrong

MercuryMinds (Dongan) has done a great job on my site, and even after it was done I simply could be asked them to do several changes just how I would like to want them. Great job Dongan, thanks for your work. Services Offered: Support & Maintenance


MercuryMinds (Dongan) is the x-cart GOD!! They have solved every problem I have given them. More importantly, they are trustworthy and does exactly what you request to the last detail ... most times more. I am genuinely pleased with their work including the after service support they have provided. Dongan started from scratch - installed new x-cart, modified design extensively, installed mods, integrated mods into the design, complex customization, and change of server. Services Offered: Support & Maintenance

Anish, Passion Explosion,

MercuryMinds (Dongan) worked with us now on an xcart install, they did a top job of this and we are already planning to use them again, they are professional, organized, and excellent programmers and their xcart skills are VERY good, Thanks for your hard work. Services Offered: Support & Maintenance

Robert, RFK Solutions,

MercuryMinds has done quite a bit of work for me now. They are the best programmers I have worked with. They have installed many mods and some site changes. I have lots of work coming up this year and they will be my only Programmers. They do not let you down. There are cheaper programmers but their services are best! If you want a job done they are the people for you I do not often praise people but they deserve it. Services Offered: Support & Maintenance

Mark, TBMED, 

MercuryMinds (Dongan) assisted me with a couple of small items and they were fast and professional. Thanks, MercuryMinds (Dongan) for a job well done. Client: Louise, Studio 57 Design. Services Offered: Support & Maintenance

Louise, Studio 57 Designs, 

MercuryMinds (Dongan) was instrumental in helping us to get our site,, finished on time. They were able to accomplish some very tricky changes in an amazingly short time. Services Offered: Support & Maintenance

Dave C. Polcino, President, Digital Complete, 

I just wanted to recommend you all "MercuryMinds (Dongan)" services as they are really professional, reliable and also very fast in taking action. So, anybody needing X-Cart customization, development or help might be interested in contacting MercuryMinds (Dongan)" and ask for their support. Services Offered: Support & Maintenance

Livio ,

My kudos for MercuryMinds! They helped out with our latest X-Cart project which went excellent and I hope to do more with him in the future! Services Offered: Support & Maintenance


Hello MercuryMinds! I wanted to give you and your team some feedback relating to the process of getting us from idea phase to implementation. Firstly thank you. You and your team have done a fantastic job over the past 6 months rescuing what was likely to become a failed technology project and making it successful. I want to commend you and your team for mentoring me through this process and assisting with the development of the site. Your team have always been friendly, helpful and have created solutions to complex problems when there have been situations where I have not been clear. The site that you have built is complex and there have been many requirements beyond that required of a standard e-commerce site. Your team has easily understood these complex requirements and engineered solutions that work beyond my expectations. We have had teething issues with the launch of the site but I have been impressed with your commitment to resolving these issues even if it meant someone at your end working through the night to identify and fix them. I can wholly recommend your services to anybody wanting an e-commerce website that is simple or advanced. You delivered the project on time and on budget. I look forward to working with you in the future as we continue to iteratively develop new features and refine the site to improve conversion and sales. Thanks again. Services Offered: Support & Maintenance

Greg Macpherson, BPharm,

I posted a request for a custom mod on a forum and Dongan of MercuryMinds answered my post within a few hours. He told me exactly what details I needed to send him in order to complete my project. He had my mod completed in less than 48 hrs. He offered to install it himself and he also gave me detailed installation instructions. He delivered exactly what I needed. Mercury Minds is a great source for X Cart Mods. Services Offered: Support & Maintenance

Keith Fraley,

I wanted to say a big thank-you to the staff at MercuryMinds. They have been incredibly responsive and thorough with their work. We have been using their services for over a year, and they are the team we turn to first whenever we're having an issue or need a custom mod made. They are amazingly quick with their correspondence, which is greatly appreciated. Thanks again! Services Offered: Support & Maintenance

Delia Gillen, 

Very good complete package, and still very flexible and adaptable to suit my needs and personalize the template. Support is very good and Mercury Minds certainly go above and beyond what you would expect, especially when my mind cannot cope anymore. Installation is not complicated, but there is allot to it. Thanks for all your help. Services Offered: Product One Page Checkout (OPC) - X-Cart module

Paul Wallace, 

Very helpful, does a great job of searching the entire website. I liked that the results can be formatted in many different ways and customized to the website. Services Offered: Product Smasher, a smart search engine for x-cart store

John Bickerton,

Installed smasher on X-cart. It is an ideal solution for a search engine. The product is a 5-star product. The service is second to none. I never heard about this company before. I found them on google. They are good people. They went out of their way to fix unrelated problems I had. They are prompt, professional and generous in their support. God bless. Services Offered: Product Smasher, a smart search engine for x-cart store

Joseph Kousa,

Excellent module! The best OPC is available. Support is the highest I've ever had from xcart. Thanks for helping me with everything! 🙂 Would highly recommend it to anyone using Xcart. Do not be afraid to order your mods from here, they help their customers! Unlike others. Many thanks for your support. Jack. Services Offered: Product One Page Checkout (OPC) - X-Cart module


Thanks for your support and the great work on our website! Till next time. Services Offered: Support & Maintenance

Mischa Hulsing, 

Really happy with the support I initially got with my purchase, as well the ongoing support.Very quick, reliable and professional.< Services Offered: Support & Maintenance

Paul , 

An awesome mod that really simplifies the checkout process. It looks the business and is a pleasure to use. We did have a few issues with it in IE 9 but the support team were fantastic and sorted the problem within about 12 hours. Great job guys! Services Offered: Product One Page Checkout (OPC) - X-Cart module


This mod forms the backbone for all of the orders taken on our site. It is highly configurable including newsletter signup, and conditions/terms agreements. A great improvement from the standard x-cart checkout. Services Offered: Product One Page Checkout (OPC) - X-Cart module

John Bickerton,

Great designers, added their professional touch to the things I wanted to be customized really happy with the work overall. I also thought the communication was great, which is hard to come by. Will come back if I need other work. Services Offered: Support & Maintenance


MercuryMinds designed my eBay store and did data entry for it. I had a very positive experience with them especially for the fact they are always available to discuss any topic related to the project. Communication has always been effective via email or Skype, I never felt left alone. The overall quality of the output is extremely good. I am overall quite happy with the work done by the guys at MercuryMinds. Highly recommended. Services Offered: Support & Maintenance

Paolo Cannalire

Great mod and a must-have for shops that want to improve their conversion rates. Keep in mind that the mod requires some styling for each shop. Knowledge of HTML and CSS is a must if you implement it yourself. Services Offered: Product One Page Checkout (OPC) - X-Cart module


Mercuryminds have outdone themselves with this 1-page checkout, could not have done a better job! I checked out the rest and this one is by far the best. I am even thinking of getting it for my new website which runs on x-cart 4.4 and comes with a 1-page checkout. That's how good it is. The support is top-notch, you will not go wrong with this. Services Offered: Product One Page Checkout (OPC) - X-Cart module


Already three years working on a project to start and I had several people hired to get started. It all turned out to nothing at all ... until I found Mercury Minds. From day one professionals in communication, building a website and think it. Good daily communication and a team that knows what they're talking about! As you can see, my English isn't well, but they are patient and try to solve every problem. They made no problem when I wanted to adjust the project plan and add additional features or things that really were not commissioned included. My project is basically finished but I'm sure I this leaves to expand. And yes, of course, will be done by Mercury Minds. Mercury Minds team, many many thanks! People who read this testimonial are always welcome to contact me and verify what I wrote. Services Offered: Support & Maintenance

Emile Bastings, 

The project entailed modifying the standard off-the-shelf X-cart Pro skin to suit our requirements, and to make adjustments to the back-end in order to add functionality to the site. We were assigned a Mercury Minds programmer that dealt exclusively with our project. We thought this was beneficial as we didn't have to replicate instructions to many different people. We sent our programmer the designs that we wanted integrating to the front-end, plus requirements for the back-end functionality. On the whole, the project was conducted in a professional manner. Solutions were achieved reliably, and our requirements were met. If there was anything that we required adjusting, it was done it a reliable and timely fashion. Our programmer would liaise with us via Skype in order that we could troubleshoot sections of the site on-the-fly. This would increase the efficiency of the project; sometimes our programmer was online beyond 8 pm! The sales department of Mercury Minds met our cost requirements and tailored the project to suit our budget. They were very pleasant at all times, and always willing to help us when we requested help. The only negatives we felt could be improved upon was the understanding of specific requirements by the programmer. We would outline specific areas that needed attention via email, but they would either not be done and would be misunderstood. There was an occasion where we had to repeat the request three times before it was completed correctly. Consequently, the project length was increased by several days. We found that we had to sometimes appeal to the programmer's superior in order to achieve a suitable solution. Aside from that, Mercury Minds are a very professional organization and I would not hesitate in using them again. In fact, we have already used them since in order to give our site further functionality. 5/5 - Customer Satisfaction 4/5 - Professionalism 5/5 - Communications 3/5 - Requirements comprehension 4/5 - Work Rate Services Offered: Support & Maintenance

D Zannettou,

Dongan and his team are TOP notches!! From customer service to development and design, I couldn't have been more pleased with there work and desire to please me and get the job done right ..the way I wanted it! Good job guys!! I will use your services again and recommend you to friends and associates! Services Offered: Support & Maintenance


For all who are interested in developing a website in co-operation with Mercury Minds. I was a longer process then I expected, but the result is better then a thought it would be. We have started selling products in our shop and the clients are very pleased with our new webshop. I the near future I am sure I will do more development together with Mercury Minds. Services Offered: Support & Maintenance

Mischa Hulsing,

What started out as a one-off Magento website development and integration project, has turned into a long-term business relationship, with MercuryMinds being our go-to Magento and PHP development partner. They have provided us with an incredible team that never says "No" to our requests, finds great solutions to our requests, and at the same time meets all our deadlines. Thanks, guys rock and have reduced our sleepless nights a great deal. Services Offered: Support & Maintenance

BLVD Ventures,

Fantastic service. Utterly flawless. I can't fault them one bit. They achieved the required result quickly and professionally, completing the project two days before scheduled! I'm extremely satisfied with their work, and would definitely recommend them. I'll certainly be using their services again in the future. Services Offered: Support & Maintenance

Jon Watson

MercuryMinds has been one of the best X-Cart resources I've found. They have done impeccable work in all areas of X-Cart for us. They meet deadlines and are reasonably priced. MercuryMinds goes above and beyond with regard to support and has consistently been there for us for years now. MercuryMinds has even started another site call XCart Warrior that is dedicated to nothing but X-Cart. Hope this helps those looking for support, mods, etc... Services Offered: Support & Maintenance

Charis Taylor,

To whom it may concern. We have worked with Mercury Minds for over 5 years and over this time I can report that customer service has been generally very good. The Customer Service Team are responsive and when I have an issue, even if it is something in the middle of the night, I have been able to make contact and have the issue resolved promptly. Thank you. Services Offered: Support & Maintenance

Greg Macpherson,

We have built an empire, selling interiors online, with the help of Mercury Minds. They have introduced us to technologies and services we never knew existed. More than 400% in growth is attributed to their ideas. In the years that we have worked with them, we have outsourced 50% of our workforce to them, built 3 e-commerce websites, conducted large scale marketing campaigns and built bespoke order management systems. Every success that we have achieved in these poor financial times is because of the efficiency that Mercury Minds has brought to our company. Services Offered: Design & Development

Anish Parekh

Working with Mercury Minds has been very rewarding. One of the most valuable lessons any website owner realizes very quickly is that - you absolutely need someone who can translate what you want in 'developer terms'. Not only does Mercury have great developers, but they also have great intermediary staff and by that, I mean people who will listen to what you want, what you need and then liaise with developers to ensure we are all on the same page. We as a company have had direct access to Mercury Minds CEO and as a result, we have been able to ensure that all our needs are met. We have worked with at least 5 developers over the last 5 years and this is by far the most rewarding of all. We will continue to work with them. Mercury Minds is exactly what any business needs to reach their technology goals Services Offered: Support & Maintenance

Toyin Kolawole

I have been working with Mercury Minds for nearly one year now and have to be honest in saying that they have become an integral part of our growth strategy. After a shaky start where communication was not always understood we have learned to understand each other in a way that now works very well. After a particular project was misunderstood this caused a lot of tension but to Dongan's credit, he did not give up on it and made sure that in the end it was completed properly. Since then we have both made sure that each project is understood properly before starting. Fathima has made a very big difference since she started looking after my websites and is a major reason why it now works too well. We have increased the amount of work given to Mercury Minds significantly in the last 2 months as our confidence in them has increased and have already planned a number of major projects to be started early next year. I can say that a good business relationship is developed often through difficult times and this has been the case with Dongan. I look forward to continued growth for both our companies. Services Offered: Support & Maintenance

Heath Showman

Excellent work. It took longer than I expected but Mercury Minds corrected problems I didn't even ask them to. They went above and beyond the call of duty. I'm very satisfied! Thanks, Mercury Minds! Services Offered: Support & Maintenance X-Cart fix

Dustin Owen,

Great support and great solutions for every custom needs on my every e-commerce projects. Will use MM again for next several projects 🙂 Services Offered: Support & Maintenance


I have always found MercuryMinds to be prompt to respond when I make an inquiry and then efficient and professional in the work they do. Through my dealings with MM so far I have only praise and can not fault them in any way. Paul Schmidt Services Offered: Design & Development

Paul S

I'm satisfied with the work and support Hari provided. He was available all the time for me. Coders did a wonderful job on the task. very happy with the work and quality of these coders. Services Offered: Design & Development


Warriors worked for me again. Truly it was a nice step by me when I selected them. They helped me a lot and given me support even after a month. That's something we expect since clients are crazy and they take hell time to give feedback. Initially there was some delay but I understand it happens due to the work I have given. Anyways I'm very satisfied with this team and would work with them again. Keep it and me up guys 😉 Services Offered: Support & Maintenance

Jimmy, Xcart

We are once again properly and professionally helped by Mercury Minds. Thank you! Services Offered: Support & Maintenance


I was having problems in the admin area, I couldn't change the status of orders. MercuryMinds took care of me in short order and my store is back up and running. The price was fair and I'm happy with the outcome. Services Offered: Support & Maintenance


Natesh and team have been a delight to work with. Hard-working and work toward achieving deadlines. The Team stresses on making sure the look and feel are as per clients request. Services Offered: Design & Development

Radiance Realty Developers India Ltd,

Our web site has been developed in a very good manner by MercuryMinds team. MercuryMinds strictly adhered to the time limits which they have told to us for developing the web site. The services rendered by them was remarkable and appreciable. The selection of pictures and arrangements of icons inappropriate levels needs to be awarded. Services Offered: Design & Development


Hi Sravanthi and Kannan, thanks and sorry for late, I checked the continue shopping and the shipping. it worked. thank you. I will creat this web site when I need help, I will contact again. something about develop or some easy job. anyway, I WILL contact. although there is a small confused about the continue shopping function during that time. finally, I am satisfied with your service. thank you Kannan, Sravanthi, and natesh, and your other colleague who help me. thank you. zhang Services Offered: Design & Development

Zhang H,

The team at Mercury Minds had been a great partner in all of our web development and IT needs. They go above and beyond with helping during and after the work is done. We have completed numerous jobs with them and plan to continue a long-term working relationship. Services Offered: Design & Development


I am happy to have made the choice to have Mercury Minds do my website after months of disappointment working with others with poor results. Thank you for being so responsive and holding my have all the way. James Services Offered: product

James A

There is no doubt the team is highly knowledgeable of X-cart and its functions which is what my work evolved around. I had a few concerns which have been dealt with but misunderstandings in communication can cause unexpected delays. I am overall happy with the service and will be handed a new project to the team shortly for another website I own.I would recommend a little more speed and care when sending work completed to be checked but other than that I believe MercuryMinds offers great service. Services Offered: Design & Development


This company was very responsive to our needs and completed the project exactly as requested. Highly recommended! Services Offered: Product X-Cart Mailchimp integration

Marie, Mail Chimp Integration

We chose Mercury Minds for upgrading our X-Cart based store after great consideration having used other companies in the past. The whole experience was smooth. Our Project Manager Fathima and her knowledgeable team were on hand whenever issues arose. And the whole upgrade process was excellent. I would highly recommend this company to anyone. Thank you to all Mercury Mind team. Services Offered: Design & Development

Sandip Parmar,

We came to MercuryMinds with a list of fixes and changes to our X-cart responsive theme. The work was done at an impressive speed and we were kept informed in a professional manner every step of the way. Other developers could do with taking a leaf out MercuryMinds book, this is the way to do development work for clients! Services Offered: Support & Maintenance

Dan, X-Cart responsive template work

Its been over a year since we have associated with MercuryMinds and team and it been an absolutely smooth journey. The very efficient team guiding us right from the start & delivering results.Full credit to Mr.Patrick and Mr.Saranraj who have been helping us with dedication Services Offered: Design & Development

Pallavi shah, Radiance Mercury and Lakefront 3d Videos

Mercuryminds did develop the Extreme Dog Gear website with a lot of modifications including 100% responsive layout. Also, all upgrades and future modifications are done by them. Mercuryminds is the best solution for quality work at an affordable price. Will use this service again. <b></b> Services Offered: Design & Development

Erwin Oldeman, Extreme Dog Gear

MercuryMinds did a professional job on our site new responsive skin design. While several revisions were needed, the project was completed to our complete satisfaction. We will use you guys again in the future. Services Offered: Support & Maintenance

Zaw Lwin,

It was a real pleasure to work with MercuryMinds. The company clearly delivers outstanding service, cost-effective and without compromising the quality of delivered projects. We had a real pleasure to work with the entire team, they have been at all times available for questions and ready to answer them, even out of business hours. The projects we did with MercuryMinds were to the highest standard. We never felt left out of the loop and if adjustment needed to be done, the team would follow up on them and iron them out. Even after the delivered project has been completed. This is a great sample how a company should be looking after their customers, it’s not only important to provide a quote to win a project, but it is important to have the right attitude, knowledge and be flexible, but also customer service pre, during and after the service should be always given. All those boxes were ticked by MercuryMinds.

Matt D ,