Confluent Enterprise Training

What We Do – Confluent Enterprise Training 

An enterprise event streaming platform built on Apache Kafka is offered by Confluent. It was established by the group behind the well-known Apache Kafka project. MercuryMinds offers Apache Kafka training that was created by Confluent to assist businesses in utilizing messaging to handle billions of streaming events each day. Apache Kafka Developer Training and Apache Kafka Administration Training are the two main educational paths offered by Confluent. Our trainings are instructor-led live, in-person or virtually, and you can participate from your home or place of business with the help of multimedia video presence. 

Our Confluent Enterprise Training includes, 

  • Instructor-led training classes for 24 hours. 
  • An immersive hands-on learning experience for Apache Kafka developer training. 
  • Learn how the Apache Kafka administration works and the components of it. 
  • Learn confluent advanced skills for optimizing Apache Kafka 
  • Case studies on Content messaging queues, Kafka Stream APIs, and analytic pipelines. 

Why Learn Confluent Training? 

Confluent training offers a range of courses created by the Kafka development team, whether you are a customer of Confluent or simply looking to advance your knowledge of Apache Kafka. Developers with knowledge of Java, C#, Python, or Node.js can start with the Confluent Developer Skills for building Apache Kafka course. You could then continue your stream processing training after that. If your position is more operational, you might want to start with the Apache Kafka Administration by Confluent course before moving on to the advanced skills course to learn about Kafka optimization, then MercuryMinds is the right place to grab it. 

Some of the organizational benefits are, 

  • It enables businesses to manage massive amounts of data. 
  • Prevents downtime while enabling transparent and smooth message handling 
  • Enables businesses to interact with a range of consumers 
  • Kafka implementation facilitates real-time data pipeline management.

What You Will Learn? 

Kafka Fundamentals 

You will get hands-on training on Kafka overview, Kafka efficiency, Kafka producers, Kafka’s use of Zookeepers, Kafka brokers and consumers. 

Kafka Architecture 

Learn about Kafka’s log files, Kafka’s write path, Kafka’s read path, Partitions and consumers. 

Developing with Kafka 

To be more technical, in this session you can learn how programmatically access Kafka, write producer in Java, writing a consumer in Java and more. 

Advanced Kafka Development 

Offer some advanced Kafka development services like Enabling Exactly Once Sematics (EOS), Specifying Offsets, Consumer Rebalancing, Manually Committing Offsets, Partitioning Data, and Message Durability 

Kafka Stream Processing 

Learn about the Motivation for Kafka Streams, Kafka Streams Fundamentals, Investigating a Kafka Streams Application, KSQL for Apache Kafka, and writing KSQL Queries. 

Scheme Management in Kafka 

Learns about an Introduction to Avro, Avro Schemas and learn about the Schema Registry. 

Why MercuryMinds for Apache Kafka Training? 

The three key guiding principles that steer us in assisting the most innovative enterprises around the organization are: 

An aura of Assurance 

We have extensive knowledge in software developer training for major company L&D, R&D, and IT organizations like yours. 


We specialize in offering onboarding, up skilling, and reskilling programmers to Fortune 500 businesses. 


Our learning and development specialists come from a variety of fields and sectors. You can have access to this constantly growing knowledge base by working with MercuryMinds. 

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