Apache Kafka Training

What we do – Apache Kafka Training 

An open-source software organization, Apache Kafka is scalable, precise, and ultra-fast. Providing businesses with reliable and fully-featured Apache Kafka solutions, MercuryMinds is the best company for Apache Kafka training. Stay ahead of your competition and get trained your team with highly customized Apache training courses. 

As an Apache Kafka Development training Company in India, we help you to learn the concepts of Apache Kafka, Kafka Cluster, and its integration, as well as how to deploy them. 

Our Apache Kafka Development Training Courses includes,  

  • Instructor-led training classes for 24 hours. 
  • An immersive hands-on learning experience for Apache Kafka. 
  • Learn how the Kafka Ecosystem works and the components of it. 
  • Learn how Kafka clusters can be integrated with big data frameworks such as Hadoop. 
  • Case studies on Content messaging queues, Kafka Stream APIs, and analytic pipelines. 

Why Learn Apache Kafka? 

With Apache Kafka training, you will learn how to process large strings of data in real-time using Kafka’s architectural design. Streams of data records can be stored, processed, and published seamlessly as they occur in Kafka. Since Kafka runs as a cluster on multiple servers, it can span across several data centers, which enhances its speed and performance. 

Kafka certification allows IT professionals to gain a deeper understanding of Apache Kafka’s architecture. Additionally, it facilitates the understanding and development of Kafka API streams, as well as the development of Kafka-based big data solutions. 

Some of the organizational benefits are, 

  • It enables businesses to manage massive amounts of data. 
  • Prevents downtime while enabling transparent and smooth message handling 
  • Enables businesses to interact with a range of consumers 
  • Kafka implementation facilitates real-time data pipeline management. 

What You Will Learn? 

Kafka Introduction  

Learn Kafka’s architecture, configuration, and basics in the context of Big Data. 

Kafka & Big Data 

Get to know Kafka and big data, its components, and how it helps you process real-time data. 

Kafka APIs 

Learn how to use producers, consumers, and other Kafka APIs to construct and process messages. 

Kafka Real-Time Examples 

Discover the best practices for creating robust messaging and subscribe topics across a range of platforms. 

Cluster Architecture 

Discover the Kafka cluster and how it works with other Big Data Frameworks, such as Hadoop. 

Kafka Integration  

Recognize numerous approaches and the significance of integrating Kafka with Storm and Spark. 

Why MercuryMinds for Apache Kafka Training? 

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