XCart QuickBooks addon & Integration service (Desktop/Enterprise/Pro)


Seamless Integration of XCart with Quickbooks

Integrate your XCart & QuickBooks systems in the most seamless way with the help of our X-Cart Quickbooks Web Connector solution. We equip you with the best management of your client’s accounting data. It works with Quickbooks Desktop/Enterprise/Pro & X-Cart 4.x.x/5.x.x versions

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Integrate XCart with Quickbooks Effortlessly

Even though XCart is a robust ecommerce platform by itself, it is still isolated from the other business functions. Wouldn’t it be great if all your accounting data for all your customers was available within your Quickbooks? Chances are you are already using QuickBooks, accounting software for your business but maybe doing duplicate entries for all your XCart orders in QuickBooks system manually. If this sounds familiar then we have a solution for you. Our X-Cart Quickbooks addon integrates select modules from both systems through uni-directional integration process. We provide synchronization functionality for the following processes:


How Does it Work?

Our web connector module code will act as a bridge between your XCart Store and QuickBooks system. It has the logs of exchanged data between both systems.

Key Features

Our solution follows uni-directional (from XCart to Quickbooks) integration between modules from both XCart and Quickbooks systems. We have included 4 modules for integration – Product, Customer, Invoice and Credit Memo. Our experts can also integrate customized modules apt for your business on your request.

Customer → Customer

Transfer customers from Store Manager to QuickBooks and flawlessly with the use of easy synchronization provided by Integration Service.

Products → Products

Whenever any simple product is created in XCart, products will be transferred to QuickBooks.


Points to Note

  • No Refund of One-time setup fee of the integration.
  • We can arrange you a demo on our server before purchasing on request.
  • After purchasing integration, it will takes 5-8 business days to setup copy with one-time sync after discussion meeting.

How It Works

Our Integration Solution is a four step process at the heart of which is our integration gateway which acts as a bridge between your Quickbooks and XCart Systems


Purchase The Integration

Buy the appropriate integration solution from Here


Provide Your System Credentials

Mail us your system credentials, in this case, the credentials for your Xcart Store and QuickBooks System


Setting Up Integration

We will setup the integration for your Xcart Store and QuickBooks System within 5-8 business days.


Ready To Go

Once we finish the setup on your store, the integration will automatically connect Xcart Store and QuickBooks System.