Video SEO

Marketing is just another piece of cake, if you have a bagful of search engine optimized videos!

Of course, who wouldn’t be tempted to use engaging product videos to market their mcommerce/ e commerce website? And if you are one of them, we can assist you in getting more views and likes for your product videos, and more customers for your website in turn.

The idea is simple. People who watch those completely SEO optimized and engaging marketing videos prepared by us will realize the true worth of your services, and pour in to your website. What else can you expect from perfectly SEO optimized product videos?

Let’s see how MercuryMinds can optimize your product videos for the top search engines and be of assistance to you in getting more views, high search engine rankings, more traffic and increased sales:

  • We can research and find out the most ideal keywords for your product videos and use them effectively to lure in more viewers.
  • In case you already don’t have a product video, then we can take care of that too. We can research the market and create relevant and interesting marketing videos for you.
  • We can come up with interesting, keyword oriented titles, descriptions, keyword tags etc for your marketing videos and publish them in the right places, where they will be noticed and even go viral.
  • We can do video optimization, so that they will get featured in the first pages of top search engines.
  • We can market your product videos using many techniques like:
  • Creating links for them in websites of your choice.
  • Publishing high quality articles with the links to your marketing videos, throughout the best article sharing spaces in the web.
  • Link building through other highly strategized methods.

And much more…

Once you let us do our part, just check out the rate of sales from your mcommerce/ e commerce website, sit back and relish the fruits of your newly acquired rise in sales.

To let us do the magic and transform your ecommerce/ mcommerce website into a hub of incessant activities, just call: PHONE NUMBER : +91-44-42136491.