Mobile Shopping Sites

First step to start your mobile commerce business

Mobile shopping sites is a mobile web application, which can run through any mobile web browser. Mobile Web app is built using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. Mobile Web apps will not work offline as like native apps, but it can work offline with some very limited features with the help of HTML5.

MercuryMinds has their own mobile shopping site for the customers. We have also developed a M-Commerce site for many online shopping businesses. We also provide various M-Commerce solutions.

Mobile shopping sites vs Native applications

Nowadays most of the people confuse about the difference between mobile shopping site and native applications.

Mobile Shopping Site
Mobile shopping site is referred to as web apps. Web applications are not device oriented as like Native applications it works with all the devices which has an internet connection. HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS technologies are used to develop web application. Mobile web applications use Shared SQL for offline storage.

Native Application
Native app development is a specific device application, this application can run directly on mobile device without the help of browsers. It can be downloaded and installed on the mobile device. Native app is very fast to use and has very high performance when compared to web apps. Native app is built using Objective C (iOS), Java (Android), and C# (Windows phone).

Benefits of Mobile shopping sites

  • Visitors can view the website directly through web browsers, so they don’t have to download any application to their mobile.
  • Mobile website delivers the most-up-to-date content which is now present in their website in a highly customized manner.
  • As mobile web applications have been developed using HTML5 it allows to adjust the content and pictures according to the internet connection a user has – whether it is a Wifi, 3G/4G or even offline.
  • If you have an online shopping store it is highly recommended to create a mobile web app before moving into the full-blown native applications.

MercuryMinds USP for Mobile solutions (Why choose MercuryMinds for Mobile shopping site)

MercuryMinds Technologies is committed to offer M-Commerce solutions with quality, time-bound and cost-effective service to the satisfaction of the customer. Our commitment, along with our advanced infrastructure and skilled workforce, help us position ourselves on the pinnacles of success. The other success factors being our unique approach, competitive pricing, quick turn-around, and valuable customer service.