Mobile Shopping Apps Development

Native app, Web app, Hybrid app – a complete solution

Why should my online store go for a mobile version?

Nowadays, smart phones are very popular, every day new technology mobiles are getting released in the market. People are very eager about smart phones and fascinate about technology.

Mobile commerce is the new buzzword that has revolutionized the way your customers transact, inform, or interact. Mobile phones have become a powerful real-time tool to expand the reach of your business, improve your communications, and maximize profits. We also help you how to improve your business. You’re very happy with website and increase your sales.

Day by day online mobile users are increasing and mobile commerce is booming. So that many online retail shop owners are looking to develop a online mobile store because people can browse and purchase directly through their mobile.

Take a scenario that someone is looking to buy a shirt from a online shop. But he wants to make some clarification with his friends. At that moment, he can open the mobile version of the site and get suggestion from his friends other than going through the web. This is how the mobile version of your existing online store can help you to get more business online.

Mobile shopping apps development has three approaches

  1. Native app development
  2. Web app development
  3. Hybrid app development

Native app development

Native app development is a specific device application, this application can run directly on mobile device without the help of browsers. It can be downloaded and installed on the mobile device. Native app is very fast to use and high performance when compared to web apps. Native app is built using Objective C (iOS), Java (Android), and C# (Windows phone).

Web app development

Web app development is a web application, this application can run through web browsers using different frameworks. Web app built using HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. Web apps will not work offline as like native apps. Web app is also known as mobile website.

Hybrid app development

Hybrid app is a combination of native app and web app. The third variation of mobile app development is hybrid apps, which can work both online and offline. Hybrid app is primarily built using HTML, JavaScript & CSS and finally it is shelled inside a native container which establishes a connection to the native platform features.

Web app vs native app vs hybrid app development

Web app development

Native app development

Hybrid app development

App Features

Distribution Web Appstore Appstore
Performance Slow Fast Slow
Graphics HTML, Canvas, SVG Native APIs HTML, Canvas, SVG
Look and feel Emulated Native Emulated


Pinch, spread No Yes Yes
Swipe Yes Yes Yes
Development skills HTML5, CSS, JavaScript Objective C, Java,C# HTML5, CSS, JavaScript

Device Access

Contacts, calendar No Yes Yes
Geolocation Yes Yes Yes
Camera No Yes Yes
Offline storage Shared SQL Secure file storage Secure file system, shared SQL
Notifications No Yes Yes
Connectivity O Mostly online Online and offline Online and offline

What’s special with MercuryMinds mobile shopping application development?

MercuryMinds has developers who are specialized in developing mobile shopping applications. We have developed so many mobile apps for customers all over the world. MercuryMinds Technologies is committed to provide m-commerce services with quality, time-bound and cost-effective service to the satisfaction of the customer. Our commitment, along with our advanced infrastructure and skilled workforce, help us position ourselves on the pinnacles of success the other factors being our unique approach, competitive pricing, quick turn-around, and valuable customer service.