What we do

Installation, Upgrades & Security updates for your Magento website.

  • Installation of Magento & Magento Modules.
  • Magento version upgrades.
  • Security patch upgrades.

Magento website modification OR Improvements:

  • Simple Skin/Colour/theme changes.
  • Custom module development.
  • New Payment Gateway implementation & PCI compliance.
  • Reduce your website loading time.
  • Application level & Server level optimization.

Fixing Magento website problems and errors:

Whatever the error that you experience whilst running your Magento store maybe,we are here to extend our full support on all versions of Magento.

Why choose


  • We have grown up working with Magento, working with Magento for the past 7 years, from the older version to the latest version.
  • Provided more than 500 custom works.
  • Quick Turnaround time.
  • No hidden fees: Any work that takes 30 minutes to 4 hours will cost you $35 (Fixed) only. Need additional hours? Request a quote for the custom work.
  • Pay-As-You-Go pricing model. No contract is required.
  • Need pre-consultation: It costs just $15.
  • Expertise in Magento and recognized by Magento community.
  • Performed a wide range of services from basic design and integration to heavy customization.

Get started

If you currently use Magento or are considering using the Magento Ecommerce system for the first time, we would love to hear from you. If you need help or assistance with your current Magento system or need advice, don’t delay. Contact the Magento Warrior team today. Get started now by creating a here.