Building commercial-grade software is at the core of all we do!

Software Engineering Services, Embrace IT Change!

Agility combined with design-­led engineering, cloud and analytics driven marketing results in great products, faster

Minimum Viable Product

Our team develops the minimum viable product you need with a rapid time to market. It allows you to outline your product’s core value proposition, minimize rework, while reaching out to your customers.

Accurate budget estimate
Elaborate prototypes for any detalization level
Maximum coverage of the features needed in a short timeframe
Accelerated time to market

Software Product Reengineering

Our team gets to the bottom of your product to define the core issues interfering with its normal performance, recommends solutions or relies on your vision of modifications needed and gets to work.

Rapid scalability of your team
Reviewed and thought-out architecture
Solid domain knowledge
Detail-focused development

Software Product Enhancements

Does your product need some enhancements? Do you want its functionality to go beyond the standards of a platform? Does it require support? To answer these questions, our services include customization, integration of third-party components, deployment of Data Science and ML algorithms and much more.

Strong R&D team
“Dig-deep” approach
Pay as you go
Fast implementation through reasonable allocation of resources

DevOps Automation

It’s not enough to just build great software fast, you have to get it to the marketplace quickly, too. DevOps automation is the way to do that systematically and reliably using the latest in open-source tools.