Social Commerce Application/ Platform Development

Take your online retail business to the next level

Social Commerce is the new mode of online commerce where buyers meet sellers, through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. As social media segment are growing widely with increasing users every second, sellers are looking to promote their products and sell them with the help of social media applications and tools.

Social Commerce Applications vs Online Retailers

Facebook acts as the backbone of many online retailers because of it’s wide popularity in the recent years. Many open source shopping cart softwares are flexible enough to integrate the existing e-commerce store with your social commerce application/store. Social commerce applications help to drive more traffic which will ultimately increase your conversion rate.

Advantages of Social Commerce Applications:

  • Increase web traffic and ROI
  • Enhance social rewards
  • Promote your products with the help of your existing Customers(Social referrals)
  • Make it easier to shop as you go
  • Purchase history through social medias
  • Personalized and targeted promotional offers

MercuryMinds for Social Commerce applications development

MercuryMinds have skilled/expert developers who have developed many Social applications to sell and promote products through social medias. Many of the online retail customers have realized the power of social media and ready to develop social media platforms and applications, to take their business to the next level. MecuryMinds is the perfect social commerce solution provider for you to develop social media platforms and integrate the same with your existing online store. This leads to returning visitors, brand awareness and increased sales. Looking for more information on this? Contact us, our technical representatives are ready to help you anytime.