Social Shopping App Integration

Integrate all your applications and manage it in a centralized way

Social Commerce application are the trendsetter for present generation shopping cart experience. It brings you more business opportunities and so develop your own social commerce application, before your competitors do it. Once when the social application is developed, the next step is to integrate it with the existing store applications.

Application Integration

Nowadays, E-Commerce, Retail Commerce, Mobile commerce, TV Commerce, and Social Commerce join together to offer an integrated buying experience for the consumers. At this point of time, online retailers should be well aware of integrating all together to make it happen for their store. Other than that, many retailers have developed their own social commerce applications to enhance your user experience. But its mandatory to integrate all the social commerce applications single application services.

MercuryMinds has professionals, who can help you to perform integration of all your Social commerce applications within a single services. MercuryMinds integrated application solution will help the online store to deliver a seamless experience to your customers across all channels.

Our social integration service includes integrating your social application with the payment gateway integrations, customized API integration, e-Commerce account integration, integration with external CMS systems, integrate with your list of contacts, integrate with NFC applications and e-Commerce payment gateway integration.

Advantages of Social Commerce Application Integration Solution:

  • Combines social Commerce and e Marketing platform to maximize sales and ROI.
  • Strengthen Customer Relationships by servicing over all channels
  • Well optimized and connected shopping experience
  • Additional shopping features
  • Offline browsing
  • Ability to leverage key device capabilities